Monday, May 31, 2021

RASA Review

With covid vaccines proceeding at pace and restrictions in DC starting to loosen, I have been enjoying venturing out to get a much-needed break from my apartment (and home cooking!). With all the time at home, I have formed quite a to-do list of restaurants I want to try, and near the top of that list was RASA, a fast-casual Indian restaurant with two locations in DC. 

Just looking at the menu online is enough to make your mouth water, knowing that the vast majority of the delicious-looking fare is gluten-free and vegan friendly.

Saturday, May 22, 2021

PLNT Burger Review

Both for health reasons and environmental ones, I'm interested in incorporating more plant-based fare into my gluten-free diet. Of course fresh fruit and veggies are very important, but I'm also definitely not opposed to plant-based food that's a little more in the mold of conventional fast food fare. Plant-based and crave-busting food? I'm definitely more than intrigued.

A fast food concept fitting that mold has recently set up shop at a few local Whole Foods Market locations in DC, Maryland, Virginia, and Pennsylvania. With an 100% vegan menu that's super gluten-free friendly, I placed PLNT burger at the top of my post-lockdown emergence list because I figured it'd be an excellent option to satisfy my pent-up fried food cravings-- something I can't quite quash with home cooking.