Sunday, June 27, 2021

Bread SRSLY Review

Baking sourdough bread has enjoyed quite the renaissance over the past year, with the practice providing a soothing and delicious antedote to the stressors of 2020 (and beyond). Baking doesn't really calm me down (I absolutely hate doing the dishes afterward!) so to get my sourdough fix, there's one bakery I always turn to: Bread SRSLY

This woman-owned San Francisco-based bakery is seriously amazing, and their gluten-free, vegan sourdough breads are totally the real deal. 

I first reviewed Bread SRSLY several years ago, so it's long overdue for an updated post, especially with new varieties of their signature sourdough available. 

Beyond the Bread itself, one thing I love is that the breads are endlessly versatile and Bread SRSLY has a handy repository of recipes on their website to aid with culinary creativity. I'll showcase one such recipe in this post!