Expo Product Reviews

Looking for info about upcoming gluten-free events? Click here for a list of gluten-free expos across the country.

D.C. Gluten-Free Expo: Power Supply, Sweet Crimes, Rise Bakery, The Red Bandana Bakery, Wild Hearts Baking Co. 

Gluten-Free for Cincinnati Expo- Sonny Marie's, Soodles Bake Shop, Glutino, Enjoy Life Foods, Chubby Bunny Bakery, Tina's Sweet Treats, Elephant Bread.

Expo East 2015 Overview and Giveaway

Expo East 2015: Sweets- Alpendough, Zema's Madhouse Foods, Sorbabes, Luna and Larry's Coconut Bliss, Next Organics, Pure Genius Provisions, Among Friends Baking Mixes, Pure 7 Chocolate, Hu Kitchen Chocolate, Sustainable Indulgence, Spiffy Gluten Free, Flax4Life.

Expo East 2015: Snacks- Yumbutter, Betty Lou's, Freedom Foods, Simple Squares, Green Mustache, Two Moms in the Raw, Lundberg Farms, Harvest Stone.

Expo East 2015: Vegan Protein and Cheeses- Hilary's Eat Well, Treeline Cheese, Sol Cuisine, Neat Meat Substitute.

Expo East 2015: Meals- Real True Foods, Tio Gazpacho, Earth Balance, Nona Lim.

Expo East 2015: Breads, Cereals, Grains- One Degree Organics, Freedom Foods, Promise Gluten Free, Spiffy, Flax4Life, Bob's Red Mill, Cappello's, Mikey's Muffins, Pasta Oggi.

Charlotte Gluten and Allergen Free Wellness Event- Luna's Living Kitchen, Freedom Foods, Gluten Free with Sarah B, Roots Hummus, Redemption Brew Works, Jane's Gluten Free Bakery, Yo Dish, Rice Wrap Foods, and Two Foodies Gluten Free Kitchen.

Tampa Gluten-Free Food Allergy Fest- Toufayan Bakeries, Garden Lites, Namaste, Flour 'n' Spice Bakery, Mina's Gluten-Free, DeLand Bakery, and GF Jules.

Gluten-Free Living Conference Expo- Rhapsodic Bakery, GF Joe, The Piping Gourmets, Enjoy Life Foods, and Nostalgic Cookies.

Natural Products Expo East 2014: Sweets and Such- Hail Merry, 1-2-3 Gluten Free, The Piping Gourmets, EatingEVOLVED, Luna and Larry's Coconut Bliss, Ardenne Farm, Kinnikinnick Foods, Ginnybakes, Chloe's Soft Serve Fruit Co., Steve's PaleoGoods, and Lunapops.

Natural Products Expo East 2014: Snack Time- Late July Organics, Way Better Snacks, Brad's Organic, Glutino, Gratify, Beanitos, Snackette, Brad's Raw Foods, and Toufayan Bakeries

Natural Products Expo East 2014: Miscellaneous Picks- Thince Foods, First Field, Ener-G Select, Better Batter, Freedom Foods, La Esquina, Mountain Valley, and Goldbaum's

Natural Products Expo East 2014: Top 5 Products- Feel Good Foods, Hail Merry, My Dad's Cookies, Cappello's, and DF Mavens


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