As a blogger, writing this blog has allowed me to discover events that have allowed me to sample some great gluten and dairy free eats. These events bring together the gluten-free community in a unique way. This page serves as a running list of upcoming events that I am aware of so that you can stay informed and aware of happenings across the country. Know of an event I have missed? Feel free to drop a line to let me know about local events so I can keep this page as accurate and up-to-date as possible.

Want to know the secret to a successful expo? Check out my post dedicated to attending these events on my "Behind the Scenes" blog, click here.

Highlighted events are ones I am planning on attending!

Virtual/Online Expos

February 2018

24th: Cel-Kids Meetup at Red Bandana Bakery (Bethesda, MD)

May 2018

5th & 6th: CDF National Conference Gluten-Free EXPO (Pasadena, CA)

June 2018


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