One Dish Cuisine Breakfast Review

When it comes to allergen-free and gluten-free friendly dining in the Baltimore area, I cannot recommend One Dish Cuisine enough to locals and visitors alike. 

Thanks to this cafe and and the hardworking staff who keep it running, dining out can once again be a truly stress-free experience where all thoughts of cross contamination are tossed aside because the premises is free from nine known allergens (more info in picture). Their mission of welcoming everyone “back to the table” regardless of their dietary needs is realized each and every day as people flock from near and far to enjoy great food without fear.

Though I have visited One Dish Cuisine before (see my review here, and here) for lunch and baked goods, I have always wanted to stop by for breakfast. As of early December of last year, One Dish Cuisine expanded their service to seven days a week, so I mad a point of dining there on a Saturday morning before moving in to my dorm.

For breakfast, the most expansive options- including pancakes and breakfast pizza- are offered on Saturdays and Sundays with Monday through Friday reserved for grab and go fare such as baked goods and coffee.

Without a doubt, I knew I wanted pancakes for my breakfast, as icy rain outside left me wanting something warm, hot, and sweet. As one of the first customers through the door that day, I was informed that the batter wasn’t fully formed yet, so they’d be a little longer wait than usual. Given the option of plain, blueberry, or chocolate chip pancakes, I went with the chocolate chip. Seasonally, they have pumpkin pancakes. All of the pancakes are vegan and corn free in addition to the list of ingredients already prohibited from the premises. 

Normally, I don’t order other beverages with meals as water is my drink of choice. However, I did a double take when I realized that they had vegan- read: dairy-free- hot chocolate. Never before have I seen gluten and dairy free hot chocolate on a menu, so jumped at the chance to reunite with my winter beverage of choice after five years.

While I waited for my pancakes, I helped myself to the hot chocolate which was available in self-serve style. Immediately I was greeted with the rich aroma of the brew which frothed up nicely. I broke into a smile upon my first sip as the drink was rich, creamy, and oh, so chocolaty. More perfect than any coffeehouse hot chocolate I had before, I was duly impressed and soon had to go back for a refill. 

I inquired about the ingredients, intensely curious to know what magical ingredients were used and was told that cocoa powder, water, and non-dairy creamer combine to make the drink sweet and rich without making it too sugary or weak. 

As it turns out, the pancake delay was a lot longer than I expected- a little over 45 minutes to be exact. While the server attending to my mom and I was up front with us with the troubles they had in making the pancakes, it was disappointing to have to wait such a long time when we were the only ones in the restaurant.

However, when they finally appeared, I was impressed by their appearance: perfectly round, golden in color, and accompanied by a drizzle of mini chocolate chips. I bypassed the syrup cup on the plate and went straight for the pancakes not wanting to add more sugar to my already chocolate-filled morning. 

As for the pancakes, they were cooked to be well done on the outside and fluffy in the middle. Thin and modestly-sized, they disappeared quickly thanks to my collegiate appetite, but honestly, didn’t have much flavor besides the chocolate morsels. While above par for gluten-free standards, they weren’t the best pancakes I’ve ever had. Nevertheless, I did enjoy them.

Once again, One Dish Cuisine surprised me by introducing me to foods I never thought I’d eat again. The next time I go for breakfast (and there will be a next time), I hope to order their pumpkin pancakes, and plan on sipping several cups of the hot chocolate. When it comes to these Maryland winter mornings, you just cannot beat a fresh, hot breakfast to start the day.

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The Basics

Address: 8001 Hillsborough Rd, Ellicott City, MD 21043
Cuisine: Sandwiches, pizza, pasta, salad, appetizers, baked goods
Ideal For: Breakfast, Brunch, Lunch, Dinner, Snack 
Price: Pancakes are 10.99 for a stack of four
Accessibility: Easily wheelchair accessible
Special Features: Seasonal and current offerings change periodically so call ahead to see what’s in stock. Baked goods can be ordered in advance as well.

Disclaimer: This review is based upon the information I have at the time of the review and does not reflect changes in ingredients or availability of items. Please contact the restaurant directly for up-to-date information and feel free to contact me with any questions or comments. I was not compensated for this review and it is a reflection of my personal opinion.

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