Friday, February 13, 2015

Order-Up Towson: Gluten-Free Delivery Options

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In my time spent in Baltimore, I have used buses, light rail, and even depended on my own manpower to discover Baltimore's many gluten-free options. As the chill of winter set in, my ability to get off campus has been limited, leaving me mainly to cook for myself or depend on the dining hall, the latter of which I have been reluctant to do. 

Luckily, there's a new kid on the block, who's about to make eating gluten and dairy free a whole lot easier and convenient: Order Up. Serving both Baltimore and its northern suburb of Towson, this innovative company's goal is to revolutionize the food delivery experience. Sold at the prospect of gluten-free delivery service, I quickly raised my hand to be an early adopter. 

Although I identify with Baltimore, I technically live in the Towson area, so I could not initially use to service because it was restricted to Baltimore. Luckily, Towson service was added early this month, and I finally had my chance. In scanning through the 30+ restaurants that initially came online, I was pleased to see many familiar names of restaurants I've visited before, as well as several new-to-me options with dedicated gluten-free menus. This list was last updated 2/17/15.

*Crossed-off restaurants were once featured, but are not currently available

With all of these delicious offerings, the natural next question is- How does the process work? The answer comes in the form of three simple steps: 1) Place order, 2) Watch delivery process in real time, and 3) Enjoy a great meal! It's that simple and easy.

Stay tuned for my in-depth review of my Order Up experience in upcoming posts. For more information on Order Up in Towson, click here. For more information on Order Up's other franchises, click here.

Want to get in on the fun? Set up a new account from this link and get $5 off your order!


  1. It's super sad to see that P.F. Chang's and Pei Wei aren't on the list anymore. My wife and I love Chinese food. What we like more is that it can be delivered. My wife was recently diagnosed with gluten allergies, so we need to be careful with what we order from now on.

    1. Hi Bryan, your comment actually prompted me to check back with Order Up. Looks like PF Chang's is now delivering. Pei Wei has not been re-added though. Hope this helps! My favorite is 7 West Bistro.


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