Sunday, November 27, 2016

True Food Kitchen Review

Click here to read my updated review of True Food Kitchen's Chevy Chase, MD location from January 2020. 

After spending some time in North Carolina over the Thanksgiving holiday weekend, I found myself in Atlanta a day before flying back home. With a little time to explore, I decided to check out True Food Kitchen at the Lennox Mall. The restaurant is a chain that promotes real, good food as a way to feel good holistically. 

After a week of feasting on fare that might not have been the most health-promoting, this seemed like just the place to get back on track food-wise. True Food Kitchen sources their menu to reflect seasonal flavors and local availability. They are friendly to gluten-free diners, vegans, and others with special diets alike, making this a place where piece of mind starts from the start.

Thursday, November 24, 2016

Heritage Bakery & Cafe Review

At the eleventh hour, my Thanksgiving travel plans changed because I felt like I was beginning to succumb to oncoming sickness. Instead of flying to North Carolina for the holiday, my mom and I jumped in the car and drove from Baltimore down to avoid the hassle of fighting the stress of flying. 

We stayed overnight in Virginia, and when looking for breakfast the next day, I zeroed in on Heritage Bakery and Cafe in Harrisonburg, as a place where prior patrons had found gluten-free success. 

Located in the picturesque main street of Harrisonburg's downtown, Heritage Bakery and Cafe is in a cozy building that is also home to the town's visitor center. With large windows overlooking a courtyard and an old fashioned (in the best way) feel, I instantly fell in love with Heritage Bakery and Cafe from the moment I saw it. The only outstanding question- how gluten-free friendly would they be?

Saturday, November 19, 2016

Modern Market Review (Giveaway)

While passing through Washington DC last weekend, I decided to take the red line Metro up to Bethesda to check out a restaurant that had piqued my interest: Modern Market. Located in the Bethesda Row shopping center, I was lured in with the promise of menu that had 

Modern Market is the rare hybrid of a lot of hot restaurant trends popping up these days that actually works. Their food is homemade from scratch and presented beautifully, and all items are farm-sourced to make good, clean, food. These days it's easy to find cafe-style and farm-to-table restaurants, but it's difficult to find establishments that can do both, and are also unpretentious and affordable.

Thursday, November 17, 2016

The Protein Bar Review

I've been to Washington D.C. enough times now that I now have to debate whether to visit beloved restaurants I have already been to or check out new ones. On my latest excursion, I decided to do the latter and check out as many new places as I could in my short time in the city.

Making the list for places I wanted to check out was The Protein Bar, which offers an fare for any time of day- breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I decided to stop by for a late lunch, and was lured in by a menu marked with various dietary considerations.

The Protein Bar stands among the many new (and not-so-new) fast casual eateries in the city that offers fresh fare that's both quick to order and made with health-conscious restaurants. While the Protein Bar is not dedicated gluten-free or plant-based as others I have visited are, they are conscious of gluten-free and vegan eaters.

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Fruitive Review (Smoothie/Acai Bowl)

November is a little bit past prime smoothie season here in the Mid Atlantic, but I wasn't about to let chilly temperatures stop me from checking out a 100% organic plant-based cafe in Washington D.C. that puts juices, smoothies, and blended bowls front and center on their menu. Being 100% plant-based means that there are not animal products used (meat, eggs, milk, etc.) and that everything is vegan. 

Fruitive is not just a cafe selling healthy fare, they are committed to health as the foundation of their business, paying special focus to physical and environmental health. They don't cut corners, and they are authentic in everything they do.

What I like about Fruitive is that they are welcoming to customers on all sides of the health-food spectrum. As someone who is not a "hard core" juicing person, I sometime am intimidated by these uber healthy havens. Luckily, I found Fruitive to be a welcoming place where I could get good, healthy gluten and dairy-free food on the go.