Monday, October 30, 2017

The Happy Tart Brunch Review

I adore the Virginia-based bakery The Happy Tart. This 100% gluten-free patisserie is dream come true for celiacs or anyone who cannot have gluten, as each pastry is more tantalizing than the next. 

With my mom visiting for the weekend, we decided to plan on enjoying The Happy Tart's weekend brunch. Although I have popped in several times for cupcakes, cookies, and bread, I was excited to partake in their full service brunch, and have been waiting for an occasion to stop by and celebrate.

Brunch at the happy tart is a festive affair, with plenty of sweet and savory options to peak your interest. While dairy does limit some options nothing beats the peace of mind of knowing that everything is safely gluten-free.

Sunday, October 22, 2017

Frontera Frozen Taco Bowls Review

As a college student, I am ashamed to admit that I don't eat as healthily as I should. I know that I need lots of fruits, vegetables, and protein in my diet but between class, work, and other commitments, I find that I rarely have a spare hour in the kitchen to whip up a balanced meal. 

I turn more often than not to frozen, canned, or packaged meals to get me through my jam-packed schedule, so I try to find options that use real food and still taste good. On a recent grocery trip through my local Safeway, I spotted Frontera's new frozen taco bowls. The company is already one I trust from their line of delicious chips, salsas, and their gluten-free friendly restaurant in Disney Springs so I couldn't wait to see if these frozen creations could deliver the quality I have come to expect from this brand. 

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Juice Press Review

If there's one thing the world needs more of, it's smoothie shops that use real ingredients. As a busy college student, smoothies are an essential part of my diet, as they enable me to consume much needed nutrients quickly and in a delicious fashion. 

When the New York City-based smoothie chain Juice Press announced that they were opening a store in DC's Union Station, I jumped for joy because I frequent this busy transit hub on a weekly basis as I travel back and forth between DC and Baltimore. In the past, gluten-free options have been a bit limited (RIP Shophouse), so I was eager to have Juice Press as a healthy option going forward.

Saturday, October 14, 2017

Fox Loves Taco Review

As a gluten-free eater, tacos are one of my favorite genres of food because they are so easily adapted to be gluten and dairy-free. When I heard a new all-veggie-centric taco joint was coming to Washington DC's Brookland neighborhood, I immediately bumped it to the top of my never-ending list new restaurants to try. 

Fox Loves Taco is this decidedly hip taqueria. Open from the early hours of the morning to early evening, they serve up breakfast tacos all day, and prove that tacos a perfect meal any time of day. With a menu that has something for everyone to love (even with dietary restrictions), don't be deceived by its humble location inside a bicycle shop.  

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Pi Pizzeria Review

I don't eat as much pizza as I used to when I first started this blog. I blame some stellar gluten-free pizza experiences for this because once you've had a good gluten-free pizza, it's hard to settle for an often overpriced, cardboard-tasting pathetic pizza. 

After hearing positive reviews about Washington D.C.'s Pi Pizzeria, I decided to pay them a visit, lured by the promise of delicious pizza prepared safely. Even President Obama has sung the praises of this pizzeria!

Located in the heart of downtown D.C., Pi Pizzeria is conveniently located just a few steps from Ford's Theatre, the Smithsonian American Art Museum, and the White House- not a bad place to be when you want to stop for a slice between sightseeing. As I was soon to discover, their great location was only the start of a great experience. 

Friday, October 6, 2017

The Good Bean Favas + Peas Review

As a busy (and always hungry) college student, I am always looking for portable snacks that satisfy in the moment but also have good-for-you ingredients. On a recent pass through the gluten-free product aisle at my local Safeway, I spotted a new-to-me product: The Good Bean's Favas and Peas.

Always game to try plant-based foods that sneak protein into my diet, I bought one each of their sea salt and habanero citrus pouches to try. 

Both varieties are gluten-free, vegan, peanut-free, and contain 7 ounces of protein in every one-ounce serving- that's equivalent to the protein in one extra large egg! The name of the product couldn't be more fit, as the main ingredients are roasted fava beans and peas that have been crisped up after soaking. With a spritz of coconut oil and all natural seasonings, these definitely have a health halo with every handful.