Sunday, February 23, 2020

Commissary Review

When it comes to dining out, I disproportionately go for lunches and dinners rather than breakfasts, especially in DC. 

It's not that I'm not an early riser (which I am), it's that too often gluten and dairy-free options on a breakfast menu are so limited I'm stuck with very few options that don't exactly translate to something I can't make at home (such as omelets). 

In looking for brunch options during a recent visit from my dad, Commissary in Logan Circle caught my eye with rave reviews on Find Me Gluten-Free and versatile menus with gluten-free and dairy-free options across breakfast, lunch, and dinner service. Excited by the prospect of adding another reliable brunch go-to restaurant to my rotation of DC favorites, I eagerly made a reservation to take advantage of my dad coming to town to visit.

Monday, February 17, 2020

North Market Pop Shop Review

Whether you are a city person or prefer wide, open spaces, living in or around DC offers the best of all worlds because there are so many places and geographies to explore within a reasonable distance of the Distract's boundaries. 

In light of the almost-spring-like temperatures we've had of late, my dad and I decided to take a short trek up to Gettysburg, Pennsylvania to take in the historic battlefields (it's less than 2 hours by car). While I didn't see too many promising gluten and dairy-free options in the town itself, I was intrigued to see that our route would take us through Frederick, Maryland's second-largest city. 

In going down a gluten and dairy-free rabbit hole, I stumbled across what for me is a unicorn: a gluten and dairy-free ice cream shop. Always up for a short detour in the name of safe ice cream, we set our course for Frederick's North Market Pop Shop as the perfect stop for an afternoon pick-me-up in route back to Washington.

Thursday, February 6, 2020

Sweet Crimes Popup at Ice Cream Jubilee

While I wait in eager anticipation for Sweet Crimes' 100% gluten-free bakery to open in the Capitol Hill neighborhood this year, the next best thing is their ongoing popup at Ice Cream Jubilee's storefront on bustling 14th Street in Washington, DC. 

I fell in love with their irresistible, fresh-fried donut holes at the Navy Yard foodie-emporium Smorgasburg last year (read my review). In this popup iteration, they've expanded the amount of items on offer to include a wider array of donuts, sweet treats, and savory sandwiches. 

What I love about Sweet Crimes is that they are committed to making gluten-free baked goods that aren't just "good for gluten-free" they actually hold their own and would pass any taste test, GF or not. 

The master baker behind the company, CK, is passionate about her baked goods, and that passion is born from a shared experience with many of her customers. After learning of her gluten intolerance, she founded Sweet Crimes in 2016, and has been perfecting her recipes at DC's own Mess Hall food incubator ever since. 

This popup at Ice Cream Jubilee is open daily from 8am-2pm and serves as a full service bakery during these hours and a pick-up distribution spot during off times.