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Tamale Co. 2-Go Mexican Street Food Review

Anyone who has followed this blog from its earliest days knows that I am a super fan of the Orlando-based food truck Tamale Co. This 100% gluten-free food truck introduced me to the magic of tamales, and is a staple of any trip back to Orlando now that I live in Washington DC. Since my last visit, they have announced an expansion to not only one, but two brick and mortar locations: […]

Tropical Smoothie Review (Giveaway)

The dawning of a new year is a time when most people take stock of their health habits and refocus on how to make the new year happier and healthier.  As 2016 was coming to a close, Tropical Smoothie Cafe reached out to me and offered to team up for a fun giveaway to kick off 2017. I needed no persuasion to accept the offer, as Tropical Smoothie Cafe is my favorite of […]

Carrabba's Italian Grill Review

If the soup is uninspired, my entree would be described as the polar opposite. I went with the wood grilled salmon with a side of Italian green beans. The salmon, made without the grill baste, came topped with a tomato basil vinaigrette that was downright tantalizing. Made with flavorful tomato, aromatic basil, and deliciously distinctive balsamic vinegar. The fish itself was cooked perfectly, easily sliced by a fork. The green beans, cooked with olive oil, featured […]

Papa Joe's Pizza Review

The more I eat and explore around Orlando, the more I realize just how much I’ve been missing out on Orlando’s rich variety of culinary offerings and that I’ve been missing out on gluten free offerings in my own backyard. Such as the case with Papa Joe’s Pizza which has flown beneath my gluten-free radar for years now. Though I enjoyed their pizza from my gluten/dairy eating days, I figured they were […]

Seasons 52 Review

Founded in Orlando, Seasons 52 is a restaurant that delivers fresh fare in a great setting. It has been a longtime favorite of my family’s for any special occasion- birthdays, graduations, or when company is in town. A dinner or lunch at Seasons 52 means we are celebrating something, which makes eating here such a treat. However, what makes eating here such a treat is that they really take the […]

Tuscan Pizza Review

Tuscan Pizza (formerly Red Brick Pizza) in Altamonte Springs is home to a very special milestone in my gluten-free journey. They were the first restaurant where I was able to order and eat a gluten-free pizza alongside my family. For most newcomers to the diet, building up the confidence to visit a restaurant and trust that the food is safe to eat is a big hurdle, but one that I’m […]