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Enjoy Life Foods ProBurst Bites Review

In the gluten-free and allergy-free world, Enjoy Life Foods is a total rock star. Their products are all free from the top eight allergens, and make enjoying food non-scary. Although there are several gluten-free brands out there, few have as many options as Enjoy Life Foods with their chocolates, baking mixes, cookies, and other snacks. Their latest product launch is their ProBurst Bites, which promise the power of protein with the […]

Larabar Bites Review

Larabar is a company that has made its name in making energy bars that provide a nutritional boost while also featuring more indulgent flavors. Before their new energy bar bites caught my eye at Target, I assumed their products were not safe, but was floored when I found out that they are all gluten-free. These new energy ball bites combine the functionality of the bars with the presentation of a truffle for a snack […]

The Smoothie Room Orlando Review

I have been on a smoothie kick of late, as I have visited many new-to-me smoothie shops in recent weeks. Although it’s currently winter, I don’t really let cold temperatures deter me from seeking these nutrient-dense blended beverages.  While in visiting Orlando I made a point to check out The Smoothie Room because unlike major chains, they do not add sweeteners, syrups, or sugars to their smoothies. While smoothies are […]

Tropical Smoothie Review (Giveaway)

The dawning of a new year is a time when most people take stock of their health habits and refocus on how to make the new year happier and healthier.  As 2016 was coming to a close, Tropical Smoothie Cafe reached out to me and offered to team up for a fun giveaway to kick off 2017. I needed no persuasion to accept the offer, as Tropical Smoothie Cafe is my favorite of […]

Fruitive Review (Smoothie/Acai Bowl)

November is a little bit past prime smoothie season here in the Mid Atlantic, but I wasn’t about to let chilly temperatures stop me from checking out a 100% organic plant-based cafe in Washington D.C. that puts juices, smoothies, and blended bowls front and center on their menu. Being 100% plant-based means that there are not animal products used (meat, eggs, milk, etc.) and that everything is vegan.  Fruitive is not […]

2016 Expo East: Snacks, Bread & Baking

To read my Expo East overview and enter to win a swag bag fresh from the show floor, click here. This is the last in the trio of Expo East lists of my favorite products by category. From a show filled with hundreds to thousands of brands, it wasn’t easy to narrow down my favorites.  This list covers the snacks, breads, and baking products that caught my eye. This category might […]

Amazon Dash & Enjoy Life Foods Review

One of the largest gluten-free friendly retailers out there is Amazon, where one can find gluten-free fare, kitchen utensils, and cookbooks all in one place. However, they took their online bazaar to a whole new level with the introduction of Amazon Dash, a one-button system that allows Amazon Prime consumers to order their favorite brand’s products whenever the thought strikes.  While most of the buttons correlate to cleaning products and […]

Surf Sweets Review

My sweet tooth is more reserved lately, but when given the chance to check out the full line of Surf Sweet’s allergen-friendly candies, I could not pass up the opportunity. This innovative company takes your favorite candy shop sweets and de-allergenizes them, making them safe for those on restrictive diets.  Their full line of jelly beans and gummies is free from the top 10 allergens (and made in a dedicated facility […]

Dolcezza Gelato & Coffee Review

After exploring around the National Portrait Gallery in the afternoon, I slowly developed a craving for something sweet as an afternoon pick-me-up. I knew I wanted something sweet, but light, because it was a rather hot DC summer day. Sorbet immediately came to mind, and a quick online search revealed that Dolcezza was nearby. Offering coffee, sorbet, and gelato, this old world style shop offers small batch, locally sourced treats.  I have seen Doclezza […]

Liquiteria Review

After breakfast at Friedman’s Lunch, my mom and I explored around Chelsea Market and the meatpacking district. After several hours, we worked up an appetite, but the heat of midday dissuaded us from wanting anything too heavy. Fitting the bill perfectly is smoothie and juice bar Liquiteria. A East Village born smoothie shop with locations around NYC, Liquiteria is a good option for plant-based, good-for-you treats and eats. In addition to an assortment […]