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Frontera Cocina Review (Disney Springs)

It’s been quite a while since my last visit to Orlando, but in my absence I couldn’t help but notice a buzz building around the transformation of Downtown Disney to Disney Springs.  With a new layout, new shops, and new dining options, I knew I wanted to check out the complex soon after arriving home for the holidays. After going to a movie at the AMC located on property, my mom and […]

Cookes of Dublin Review (Downtown Disney/Disney Springs)

While I am definitely not a “Disney person” I must admit that I am a fan of Downtown Disney- ahem, Disney Springs (we are now supposed to call it). Ever since I was a kid visiting on vacation I have always loved walking around the bustling marketplace with plenty of fun shops, scenery and many culinary options. There’s always something new to see, and with free parking and no admissions […]

Scat Cat's Lounge at Disney's Port Orleans French Quarter Resort (Temporary Pop Up)

While I am not a big Disney person, there’s no denying that Orlando’s most famous resident is Mickey Mouse himself. In the limited time I have in Orlando for my winter break, I knew I did not want to miss an opportunity to eat out with my local gluten-free blogger friends Alexis from Gluten Free in Orlando and Sarah from Gluten Free and Dairy Free at Walt Disney World. We […]

Whispering Canyon Cafe Dinner Review

One of the coolest things about being a food blogger is getting to share great food with other people. When I can share that food with others with dietary restrictions and everyone feels safe and comfortable to eat, it is the ultimate win/win.  That’s why when my friends Alexis from Gluten Free in Orlando and Sarah from Gluten Free and Dairy Free Walt Disney World invited me for dinner at Disney’s […]

Whispering Canyon Cafe Allergen Dinner Menu

It’s no secret that there’s been a huge foundational shift for gluten-free and allergen-free guests at Walt Disney World with the introduction of new menus that show the presence, or lack of, the top eight food allergens.  Until recently, I had yet to interact with these menus, because I am not a frequent Disney diner. Luckily, before my Orlando summer ended, my friends Alexis from Gluten Free in Orlando and Sarah from Gluten Free […]

Vivoli Gelateria Review (Downtown Disney/Disney Springs)

When you think of Italy’s finest exports, most of them are not gluten or dairy-free: pasta, artisan cheeses, and other delicacies. Luckily, Orlando’s newest import- Vivoli Gerlateria- is different because it is an equal opportunity business, offering plenty of dairy-free and dairy-filled offerings to please one and all. What’s really neat about this gelati emporium is that it’s sister store is a beloved time-tested family-run gelato parlour in Florence, Italy. That’s right, there’s […]

Bongos Cuban Cafe Review (Downtown Disney)

Working two internships this summer, I haven’t has a much time as I’d like to explore in and around Orlando. Throw in record-breaking temps, higher than high humidity, and the usual unpredictability of Floridian weather, and it’s clear why my adventures have been few and far between. Waiting for a free weekend to get out and simply enjoy a day on the town, I knew that I wanted to explore […]

Raglan Road Irish Pub and Restaurant Review (Dinner)

After enjoying a wonderful brunch at Raglan Road, an authentic Irish pub and restaurant in Downtown Disney, I knew I wanted to go back for more and selected it as the spot for my birthday dinner. Besides, my birthday falls on the weekend before St. Patrick’s Day, and there’s no better place to party in Orlando on this day of Irish-mania. After a busy day at Living Without’s Gluten-Free Food Allergy […]

Erin McKenna's Bakery NYC Review (Downtown Disney/Disney Springs)

After the closing of the Downtown Disney location of Babycakes NYC last March, I was bummed to think that Orlando would lose the vegan, gluten-free bakery chain forever. As fate would have it, Babycakes stuck around and continued their partnership with Disney as they continued to make custom creations for guests and offered a slim variety of products throughout the resort. Last year, it was announced that they’d make a […]

Raglan Road Irish Pub and Restaurant Review (Brunch)

I am now counting down the days until I make my return to the great state of Maryland and my second home town of Baltimore. With less than a week to go until I trade in the pristine perfectness of Florida winter for the harsh reality of the colder climate up north, I wanted to make the most of my final week and jumped at the chance to meet up with […]