MYBREAD Gluten-Free Breads & Pizza Crust Review

From the earliest days of my blog, literally in its first year, I have been a huge fan of MYBREAD and their line of gluten-free pitas. They’ve managed what I once thought was impossible when I first went gluten-free: a soft, yet sturdy, pita bread that doesn’t compromise on form or flavor despite being flour-free.

Recently, MYBREAD expanded their product line beyond their pitas to branch out from their flagship pitas. When they reached out to share all about these new offerings and generously share samples, I jumped at the chance to give these breads and pizza crust a test drive.

What’s great about MYBREAD is not only are their products gluten-free, they are free from dairy, eggs, nuts, and soy. Plus they’re also vegan! 

This attention to allergies and ingredients means MYBREAD products can safely fill a bread basket or be the foundation of pizza night to bring people together despite managing multiple dietary restrictions. 

Pizza Crust

Upon opening the box of samples I was sent, I immediately gravitated to the pizza crust. As a gluten-free and dairy-free diner, pizza is always a tricky endeavor, since two essential components of the delicacy- the crust and cheese- have to be free from their standard formulation.

The 10″ crust is perfectly sized to split with another person, or freeze half for later. The prep is super simple, and requires only a brushing of olive oil on the crust before dressing it up with toppings of your choice and 15 minute bake in the oven.

I have to say, I had pretty low expectations going in since I have encountered scores of subpar gluten-free pizza crusts over the years. However, when I pulled my pizza from the oven (dressed with LeGrand pesto and Daiya mozzarella-style shreds), it was an impressive golden brown, with a nice, crunchy crust. 

Upon cutting it, I was impressed with how sturdy it was. The slice didn’t immediately sag over, and held it’s own against several bites. It has a nice, but not overpowering flavor, which is good because it lends itself to successfully supporting a wide range of pizza flavor profiles.

Especially in this time of social distancing, it was such a luxury to be able to have a delicious pizza and know with 100% confidence it was truly gluten and dairy-free (and no cross-contamination too!). The MYBREAD crust delivered a pizza so far above what I was expecting, that I definitely would regard it among the best pizzas I’ve eaten in my nearly 8 years of being gluten and dairy-free.  

Dinner Rolls

The next product I tried was MYBREAD’s adorable dinner rolls. Which are endlessly versatile from a humble dinner roll to more festive sliders. Since summer is well and truly upon us, I put them to work as an easy weeknight dinner with slow-cooked pulled barbecue chicken. 

Needing only a few minutes in the oven to go from frozen to table-ready, I liked that they can be easily apportioned out. A little crumbly when I sliced them, they otherwise held together nicely across several bites for each slider. The rolls have a nice crispy crust that yields to a soft pillowy interior. The bread’s flavor is reminiscent of white sandwich bread, and is definitely the sort of roll that makes me think of Thanksgiving dinner! 


In thinking how I wanted to prepare the baguette, I paged through the many tempting ideas on MYBREAD’s recipe page. French toast? Croutons? Open-faced s’mores? Lots of great options for any type of meal. As for my decision, I went with an old fashioned hoagie, since that’s a luxury so many gluten-eaters enjoy but is so often off limits to me. 

As with the rolls, the bread itself bakes in the oven fairly quickly, but is crumbly upon slicing. I did find that I had better luck slicing before baking for preserving the bread’s form and function. Inspired by what was on offer at my local farmers market, I made a BL(A)T, layering the magic trio of bacon, lettuce, and tomato, with avocado added to the mix. 

The bread made a skinny but tall sandwich, with was a little tricky to balance for photography purposes, but did not distract at all from the flavor and eating experience. It was so awesome to have a stuffed sub, and the resulting sandwich was big enough to share, if you had a smaller appetite. 

The taste and texture closely resembles that of the dinner roll, but is more versatile with its bigger form. I definitely look forward to ordering more and putting some of MYBREAD’s recipes to the test. 


The last, but certainly not least of MYBREAD’s samples was the breadsticks, which are sold on their own as well as in a party pack paired with the pizzas. It’s such a treat to know these are stocked in the freezer and you can pull out one (or more) at any time for a surefire pick-me-up to pair with any meal. 

I especially enjoyed them paired with homemade tomato soup, where the soft, chewy breadsticks were comforting on their own, but also made for delicious dunking devices to soak up the tomato-basil flavor. 

Unlike the other breads, the breadsticks can get a bit more creative in the reheating process. I definitely recommend sprinkling on some Italian seasoning for extra pizzaz. If you’ve ever looked longingly at friends devouring breadsticks at a restaurant, MYBREAD’s recreate this comforting classic with all of the simple satisfaction with no compromise on form or function.   

Final Thoughts

I always love it when companies I have come to trust grow and expand their product lines while not letting standards slip one bit. When I think of MYBREAD now, it’s not only their pitas that come to mind, but thinking of their crispy pizza crust and soft baguettes will make my mouth water. I’m definitely placing another order to replenish my freezer soon, and appreciate that these breads go from frozen to your table in a flash. 

MYBREAD can be ordered directly from their website. They also have a product locator where you can find them stocked at restaurants and grocery stores near you. Click here to get a coupon code for $3 off your order (affiliate link). 

In the DC area, they are stocked at Whole Foods in Tenleytown (DC) or Arlington (VA). You can also find them at Roti Mediterranean Grill and Little Beet Table in Chevy Chase (MD). Click here to read my review of the restaurant, which featured their pitas.

Disclaimer: This review is current to the original publication date. Updates will be noted. Ingredients and manufacturing processes can change without notice. Each product should be reviewed for individual nutritional needs. Feel free to to contact me with any questions or comments. MYBREAD sent me samples free of charge for review purposes, but the review is a reflection of my personal opinion. 

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