Sunday, June 27, 2021

Bread SRSLY Review

Baking sourdough bread has enjoyed quite the renaissance over the past year, with the practice providing a soothing and delicious antedote to the stressors of 2020 (and beyond). Baking doesn't really calm me down (I absolutely hate doing the dishes afterward!) so to get my sourdough fix, there's one bakery I always turn to: Bread SRSLY

This woman-owned San Francisco-based bakery is seriously amazing, and their gluten-free, vegan sourdough breads are totally the real deal. 

I first reviewed Bread SRSLY several years ago, so it's long overdue for an updated post, especially with new varieties of their signature sourdough available. 

Beyond the Bread itself, one thing I love is that the breads are endlessly versatile and Bread SRSLY has a handy repository of recipes on their website to aid with culinary creativity. I'll showcase one such recipe in this post!

Monday, May 31, 2021

RASA Review

With covid vaccines proceeding at pace and restrictions in DC starting to loosen, I have been enjoying venturing out to get a much-needed break from my apartment (and home cooking!). With all the time at home, I have formed quite a to-do list of restaurants I want to try, and near the top of that list was RASA, a fast-casual Indian restaurant with two locations in DC. 

Just looking at the menu online is enough to make your mouth water, knowing that the vast majority of the delicious-looking fare is gluten-free and vegan friendly.

Saturday, May 22, 2021

PLNT Burger Review

Both for health reasons and environmental ones, I'm interested in incorporating more plant-based fare into my gluten-free diet. Of course fresh fruit and veggies are very important, but I'm also definitely not opposed to plant-based food that's a little more in the mold of conventional fast food fare. Plant-based and crave-busting food? I'm definitely more than intrigued.

A fast food concept fitting that mold has recently set up shop at a few local Whole Foods Market locations in DC, Maryland, Virginia, and Pennsylvania. With an 100% vegan menu that's super gluten-free friendly, I placed PLNT burger at the top of my post-lockdown emergence list because I figured it'd be an excellent option to satisfy my pent-up fried food cravings-- something I can't quite quash with home cooking.

Sunday, March 28, 2021

PastryBase Gluten-Free Unicorn Cupcake Baking Kit

Since my birthday is this month, it's been a weird experience to have a normally celebratory time of the year for me coincide with the start of the pandemic (last year) and the one-year milestone observations (this year). Though I'm not a huge birthday person, it has felt really strange to celebrate on my own for two years in a row now, forgoing my preferred method of celebrating: sharing a meal with friends and enjoying some delicious gluten and dairy-free sweets.

Feeling uninspired and riding another wave of quarantine burnout, I was totally going to forgo any celebration this year until my mom surprised me with a intriguing cupcake kit from PastryBase. Cutely packaged and promising cupcakes that tasted as good as they looked (while being gluten-free and vegan!), the kit proved to be the perfect pick-me-up, and fantastic real world application of the Great British Bake Off skills I hope I've learned in binging all the seasons this past year.