All Dried Up Snacks Review

After finishing off my popsicle from Peak Season Pops, I decided to wander around the various vendors around Lake Eola and it’s surrounding park. Spotting familiar faces such as Tamale Co. it was cool to see a thoroughly blended mix of food vendors, artisans, and other local purveyors offering items of all shapes and sizes. One vendor in particular- All Dried Up- caught my eye as I strolled through with their assortment of dried delicacies. Seeing their gluten free status, I was curious to see what they were all about. 

As their name implies, All Dried Up Snacks serves up a variety of different dried fruits and veggies with unique seasonings. They’ve taken bland and boring dried foods to a whole new level featuring offering such as “Mother-In-Law’s Breath” (dried tomatoes with a spicy kick) and “Kalemato” featuring a mix of kale and tomatoes. All of their dried concoctions are gluten free but those dairy-adverse definitely should watch out when reading labels because some items do contain cheese and look very similar to their non-dairy counterparts. The fruits and veggies are dried without oil and are not altered with any kind of preservative, additive, or sulfates which ensures they not only taste good, but are good for you to boot. 

Their pricing goes as follows: one bag sells for $6, four bags sell for $20. My mom and I knew that one bag was not enough so we carefully looked through all of the options to decide on which precious four to select from the many offerings. We decided first on the “Pizza Without a Crust” mix which features tomato, oregano, sea salt, oregano, basil, and thyme. The name is well-suited for the strong Italian flavor which evokes a fine home-cooked tomato sauce. After sampling some at the market, we decided to take home two bags of this variety because it was that good.

Next, I selected another tomato creation, “Mother-in-Law’s Breath,” which feature tomatoes, scorpion pepper, ghost pepper, habanaro pepper, Caribbean red pepper, pumpkin pepper, garlic and sea salt. Notice the multiple varieties of pepper on the ingredient listing? Be warned that these pack a serious punch in the heat department. While the spiciness doesn’t last long, the peak of the inferno can definitely bring watery eyes, cleared sinuses, and a sudden need for water. I could only handle a couple of the paper thin slices of tomato at a time, but they grew on me the more I ate. 

My third and final flavor that I picked out was their “Naked Onion Rings” which feature two simple ingredients: onions and sea salt. As someone who loves onions in all shapes and sizes, I knew right away that they were a must-get. I immediately fell in love with the onion rings which were so simple, yet so good. The vidalia onions used must have caramelized during the drying process because the chips had a subtle sweetness that balanced out the onion taste and made them irresistible. As a family, we polished this bag off first which goes to show how much of a hit they were. 

I definitely plan on exploring more of All Dried Up’s offerings in the future to see what other tasty, nutrient-packed concoctions they have cooked up. For more information on All Dried Up, their schedule, and offerings, check out their website here.

Disclaimer: The review provided is current to the time I bought the product. Ingredients and manufacturing processes can change without notice. Each product should be reviewed for individual nutritional needs. Feel free to to contact me with any questions or comments. I was not compensated for this review and it is a reflection of my personal opinion.

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