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Manos de Maíz Review

Of all the world’s cuisines, Mexican food is near and dear to my heart because most of it is corn-based and gluten-free friendly. From tacos and guacamole to tamales and horchata, I love the diversity and bold flavors of Mexican delicacies.  On the recommendation of coworkers at my internship site this summer, I decided to dedicate my Sunday to exploring Eastern Market, a wonderful menagerie of produce stands, artists selling their wares, […]

The Freshmobile Review

If I had to choose an official beverage of summer, limeade makes a pretty good candidate for the honor. I often associate this refreshing brew with street fairs and markets, and love how it perfectly blends sweet and sour. While exploring around the colorful menagerie that is Eastern Market, a combined farmers’ market and flea market in the Capitol Hill neighborhood of D.C., I wandered through the food vendors, not quite […]

Top 10 Washington D.C. Gluten-Free Restaurants of 2016

Although Baltimore is technically my home, I’ve spent far more time in Washington D.C. this year exploring the foodie scene. From food trucks to sit down restaurants, I’ve visited restaurants that have run the gamut in cuisine.  Narrowing down my top ten favorite restaurants of 2016 was quite the challenge, so I want to clarify the criteria used for the ten that have earned a spot on my annual round-up of […]

Hex Ferments Kombucha Review

Although I am relatively new to the kombucha trend, I have fallen head over heels pretty fast for the fermented tea beverage.  Although I have tried many store-bought varieties, a recent stop through Belvedere Square Market was cause for me to acquaint myself with Hex Ferments, a Baltimore-based local company turning out small batch fermented products. Though their main brewery is in Belvedere Square Market, Hex Ferments can also be found at local farmers markets […]

O Earth Creamery and Bakehouse

As both a Farmer’s Market and gluten-free baked goods enthusiast, I was floored when I stumbled into the DuPont Circle Farmers’ Market in D.C.- and right into O Earth Creamery and Bakehouse’s (OECB) booth. Used to gluten-full bakeries offering the occasional gluten-free treat, I was amazed when I found out that OECB is a 100% gluten-free bakery.  Despite proliferation of attention-drawing cupcake factories in the District, there is certainly a lack of […]

April Baking Month: Elephant Bread Review

After breaking my trend of baking mix reviews with a bakery review, let’s continue the trend with a  review of Elephant Bread, which is a truly incredible company I discovered on my recent swing through Cincinnati over spring break. Founded by a local baker who had a firm belief that gluten-free bread can and should be delicious, this bread is truly homemade and crafted with care. One of the few […]

More Gluten and Dairy-Free Finds at Waverly Farmers Market

Wholesome Nibbles Offering gluten, dairy, and soy-free raw treats, Wholesome Nibbles is a newer company, having only set up shop earlier this year. Their treats are made using real, whole ingredients that are processed down and scooped into bite-sized balls. For the most part, they are vegan, but honey is an ingredient in some varieties. The day I went, the flavors were chocolate almond, cranberry coconut, apricot walnut, and coffee […]

Pleasant Pops Cafe & Market Review

Before heading out of Washington D.C. I had one last stop on my sightseeing list… a matinee performance of Avenue Q by the Constellation Theater Company. After my taco breakfast, I checked out of my hotel and headed northward to where the theater was, leaving enough time to checkout Pleasant Pops Cafe and Market in the Adams Morgan neighborhood. Pleasant Pops proved to be a perfect lunchtime spot because it […]

Garden Tonic Natural Tea Recipe

Since returning home to Orlando for the summer, one definite change I have noticed since moving away last year is that I am a whole lot more intolerant to the heat and humidity than I was before. In addition to my food intolerances, I also have several autoimmune conditions, which have flared up a lot more this summer thanks to Orlando’s unique brand of inferno-like heat. Luckily, one way I can combat […]