March Madness: Charlotte Gluten-Free and Allergen-Free Wellness Event and Giveaway!

March Madness is a series of fun posts and giveaways I’m planning for March to celebrate my blog’s 1st birthday. Join the madness and stay tuned for more fun to come! 

Spring Break is shaping up to be a gluten-free affair for me as I will be attending two gluten-free and allergen-friendly expos in two different states! Such is the life of a gluten-free blogger. When it rains… it pours. 

You may have caught on to the fact that I will be in attendance of the Lakeland/Tampa Gluten-Free Food Allergy Fest as an official fest blogger. This event is not the only event that caught my eye though! Enter the Gluten and Allergen Free Wellness Event: This travelling event promises to pack speakers, presenters, and full vendor expo into a single day to bring together the best of the local and national gluten-free community. The event will take place on March 21st in Charlotte, North Carolina, which will be a big adventure for me as I have not been to the state since going gluten-free. Read on for more info and the chance to win a golden ticket to the event! 

Looking first to the vendor list, I jumped for joy when I saw the extensive list of food companies, local practitioners, and other celiac/food allergy groups to provide samples of food, services, and support. Among the names I’m most excited about are:

  • Bakery on Main
  • Beverly’s Gourmet Foods
  • Enjoy Life Foods
  • Fuel Pizza (see my review here)
  • Freedom Foods
  • Glutino
  • Jane’s Gluten-Free Bakery
  • Jayla’s Gluten Free Cafe
  • Lowes Foods
  • Saffron Road Foods
  • Two Foodies Gluten-Free Kitchen
  • Udi’s Gluten-Free
  • YoDish App
But wait… there’s more! This list is only a glimpse of the sponsors who will be attending the event. For a more complete list, check out the event’s website here.

In addition to the abundance of samples available in the expo hall, the fun does not stop there. During the event there will be:

  • FREE speakers from the celiac and food-allergy community to talk about advocacy, healthy living strategies, and how to life a gluten-free life to the fullest.
  • FREE cooking demonstrations so you can pick up a new cooking technique or two
  • FREE tote bag to carry around samples and handouts
  • FREE 1-year subscription to Delight Gluten-Free Magazine

With all of this included, I think you can really agree that the $10 ticket price (buy those here) is completely worth it’s weight in, well, gluten-free food (practically the price of gold!). 

The event will take place from 10am-4pm at the Crowne Plaza Charlotte Executive Park (5700 Westpark Drive, Charlotte, NC 28217). For more information, check out the event’s website here.

Now for the main event- a giveaway! I’m giving away four passes to the event to lucky readers, and you could waltz into the event on Saturday like a VIP. What are you waiting for? I hope to see you there.

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