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Gluten-Free Guest Chef Bob Aungst at The Bistro on Park Avenue Review

Because of my dairy-free constraint, my courses came out in a different order than the menu shows. Because the risotto cakes were not dairy-free, Chef Bob brought out my salad course first to allow for a custom dairy-free risotto to be freshly cooked once I got there. Those who read my blog know that I’m usually not a big salad fan, but I must give Chef Bob full credit for crafting […]

March Madness: Tampa Gluten-Free Food Allergy Fest Recap and Giveaway!

March Madness is a series of fun posts and giveaways I’m planning for March to celebrate my blog’s 1st birthday. Join the madness and stay tuned for more fun to come!  When it comes to gluten-free expos, I’ve enjoyed discovering this aspect of gluten-free living over the past year, and am lucky to be able to attend the few I find that come to my neck of the woods. When […]

March Madness: Charlotte Gluten-Free and Allergen-Free Wellness Event and Giveaway!

March Madness is a series of fun posts and giveaways I’m planning for March to celebrate my blog’s 1st birthday. Join the madness and stay tuned for more fun to come!  Spring Break is shaping up to be a gluten-free affair for me as I will be attending two gluten-free and allergen-friendly expos in two different states! Such is the life of a gluten-free blogger. When it rains… it pours.  […]

Event Preview and Giveaway: Living Without's Gluten-Free Food Allergy Fest

When it comes to being gluten-free, there’s nothing that I love more than connecting others who share the unique experience of having dietary restrictions. While I have had opportunities here and there to meet up with and make friends with other gluten/dairy free folks and fellow bloggers, I have been waiting for an local opportunity to come along. Sure enough, my wish for a Central Florida based gluten-free event that aligned with […]

FARE's Teal Pumpkin Project

This Friday is a big holiday for kids young and old: Halloween! While there are many ways to join in on the fun from costume contests to candy galore, there are nasty tricks to many treats that could ruin all the fun for kids with food allergies, sensitivities, intolerances, and other dietary restrictions. This year, advocates, parents, and communities alike are banding together and giving Halloween a teal-tinged makeover to raise awareness of these […]

Peak Season Pops Review

Let’s just face it: Florida is miserable this time of year. No matter how many times we grin and bear it, the inferno-like heat, choking humidity, pesky bugs, unreliable weather patterns, and other staples of a sunshine state summer can get just too much to bear. The perfect (if temporary) antidote? Popsicles.  Orlando is home to many different “pop shops” featuring icy creations that range from the familiar to more […]

I'm Celebrating Awareness at Walt Disney World!

Though it is months away, I’ve got a big red circle drawn on my calendar over November 22nd. Why? The Food Allergy and Celiac Convention at Walt Disney World comes to town that day. As a member of their official Blogger Street Team, I’m so excited to be a part of this amazing event which will feature many different opportunities to connect and collaborate with Disney, vendors, and fellow gluten-free […]

Orlando Gluten-Free Food Truck Adventures (Featuring Tamale Co. and the Yum Yum Cupcake Truck)

Summer seems to be made for food trucks. These portable cafes on wheels can set up shop seemingly anywhere have the unique ability to turn an ordinary block into a full-out party in the street. After discovering the magic of food trucks in Philly a couple months ago, I have been yearning to check out the Central Florida food truck scene which is quite varied and active. As it has […]

Save the Date: Gluten Free Living Conference!

As March is quickly coming to a close, I am eagerly looking ahead to next week’s Gluten-Free Living Conference at the Doubletree hotel by Universal Studios on April 4-6. This three day event will be jam-packed with seminars, food sampling, and opportunities to mix and mingle with experts, bloggers, and fellow gluten-free attendees. Registration for one or two day passes, as well as the exclusive Blogger U seminar is open […]