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The Federalist Pig Review

In what seems like a never-ending stretch of social distancing, I have diligent about sticking close to home over the past six months, venturing out only on rare occasions. While I have enjoyed trading in my evening commute to be more creative in the kitchen, I’ve missed the simple luxury of going out to eat and the only potential danger was potential gluten and/or dairy cross contact.  Luckily, a recent visit from […]

The Pedalin' Pig Review

Since I have family in Western North Carolina, I like to make plans to visit multiple times a year. As a city dweller, I enjoy the abundance of beautiful scenery to be had in the mountains and foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains, and eating southern food that is hard to find in the mid-Atlantic.  When planning a day trip to Grandfather Mountain with my aunt and uncle, a quick Find […]

Hill Country Barbecue Market Review

Barbecue can be difficult to navigate for people with food allergies. With sauces, rubs, spices, and meats that are all at risk for hidden gluten (or other allergens), I have had limited luck in finding safe BBQ.  When walking around Penn Quarter, Hill Country Barbecue Market caught my eye because they always seem to be busy. I did some research, which suggested that they were pretty gluten-free friendly, so decided to […]

Hill Country Barbecue Market Gluten-Free & Allergy Menus

This post features menus for Hill Country Barbecue Market. To check out my full review, click here. This post features th Barbecue can be hit or miss for those of us with dietary restrictions. With hidden ingredients in meats and sauces, plus an emphasis on cornbread and other glutenous sides, I’ve had limited success in finding safe BBQ to try.  When walking up the restaurant-dense 7th St corridor in D.C. one […]

April Baking Month: Scratch and Grain Honey Cornbread Mix

As much as I love discovering new baking mixes out on the market, I really love when brands I already know and love expand their gluten-free offerings. Such is the case with Scratch and Grain Baking Company.  I previously have reviewed their gluten-free cookie mixes (link here) and really loved their novel approach to baking. With all the convenience of a prepackaged mix but the step-by-step methodology of from-scratch baking, […]

Mission BBQ Review (Baltimore)

Although I have been taking advantage of every opportunity to get out and about to check out restaurants this semester. A demanding course load and two part time jobs have really absorbed most of my free time. Despite my tighter schedule, I have been able to sneak in restaurant excursions here and there- especially when they are tied into social outings.  Such is the case for my recent visit to […]