Raphsodic Bakery Review

My first reaction upon entering into Raphsodic Bakery was one of incredulity. How could I have lived in Central Florida for so long and never paid them a visit? After all, this cozy bakery serves up a dizzying array of gluten free options ranging from cupcakes and cookies to more hard-to-find creations such as scones and cinnamon buns. What’s great about Raphsodic is that all of their treats are 100% vegan which means that I don’t have to worry about hidden dairy products when taking in a bakery case laden with delicious-looking treats. With peace of mind like this, and their dedication to serving quality special-diet-friendly food, this amazing bakery is definitely one of my favorite finds in Orlando.

Minutes away from Downtown Orlando, Raphsodic Bakery is located off the super busy Mills Avenue. I love the Mills 50 district because it is home to fun and funky small business that each have their own unique flair. After passing by Raphsodic many times before stopping in, I knew I had to pay them a visit after sampling my first gluten-free cupcake from them at the Gluten-Free Living Conference expo last April. Though finding them and getting a parking space can be a bit tricky, I had luck on my first try and was able to parallel park nearby the bakery’s storefront. Once entering, I loved the vintage feel of the store and immediately felt at home.

I was immediately drawn to the main bakery case which was full of a myriad of treats. Though all of the pastries, cookies, and breads were vegan, the gluten free ones were kept on one side as to avoid cross contamination. The selection rotates on a daily, even hourly, basis, so my advice would be to buy anything that appeals to you because it might not be back the next day or in a couple hours if it’s a popular flavor. On the day I went, the gluten free selection included filled and non-filled cupcakes, cookies, sammies (cookie/icing sandwiches), biscotti, brownies, scones, cinnamon rolls and mini “cheesecakes” (located in the fridge by the case). Classic flavors such as chocolate chip and vanilla were well represented as well as more exotic offerings such as blueberry/lemon/lavender biscotti and strawberry ginger cupcakes. Though everything looked tempting, I knew I had to limit myself- otherwise, I’d have walked out with half the store! After much deliberation, I selected a chai scone, chocolate chip scone, and a cinnamon roll from the case. Having never had a scone before, be it gluten-free or not, I relished the opportunity to try this unique breakfast pastry and the cinnamon buns looked just too good to be believed. Topped with a maple icing, I was assured that they were not sickeningly sweet and were very cinnamon-y. I also picked up some cupcakes for the rest of my family.

Once selecting items out of the case, I wandered over to their packaged goods shelved on the adjacent wall. In addition to their fresh baked treats, they also have boxed cookie, biscuit, scone, and pizza dough kits for sale so you can bring taste of the bakery home or travel with it anywhere. They also have homemade jams and jellies among other items such as coffee and loose teas. The next time I visit, I’m definitely going to pick up a pizza crust mix because I regretted not buying it during my visit. My family devoured the cupcakes and gave them their stamp of approval!

Last, but definitely not least to report on is their amazing cake varieties. Each one is specifically made and designed to your specifications and there are endless combinations of possible options considering the many cake and icing flavor combos that can be created. Samples of their cake designs were predominately displayed around the store and each was a true work of art. They also offer gluten-free, vegan breads in a white and dark variety for those looking for a full loaf. 

The sweet designed stamped into the box’s lid.

Once getting all of my purchases home, the verdict on them was clear: Raphsodic hit it out of the park. The scones were absolutely delicious and I loved the aromatic, spicy flavor of the chai and the comforting and rich taste of the chocolate chip. The cinnamon bun was rich and cinnamon-y without being sickeningly sweet and once warmed up, the gooey icing made it all the more special. Having true breakfast pastries was a simple luxury that turned an ordinary breakfast into a real treat. 

All in all, Rhapsodic is definitely worth the trip. They can cater and adapt to seemingly any special diet, and their patrons can rest assured knowing they adhere to strict protocols to ensure their treats are safe. It’s the perfect place for a sweet treat or special celebration because its welcoming vibe invites anyone to stop in an take time to take it all in. The staff I met were friendly, patient, and knowledgeable about all of the bakery’s offerings such as which ingredients were used and what they’d personally recommend. I love feeling connected to local businesses making a difference in the gluten-free community because they make eating and living gluten-free just a little bit easier.

The Basics

Address: 710 Mills Avenue, Orlando, Fl 32803
Website: raphsodic.com
Cuisine: Vegan baked goods, teas, coffees
Ideal For: Parties, breakfast, brunch, snacks, dessert
Price: Individual baked goods ranged from $1 to around $4. Cakes start at $15. Other goods vary in price but most are under $10. 
Accessibility: Parking is a bit tight, but the store is wheelchair accessible. 
Special Features: You can find Raphsodic’s treats around town in other local establishments. I know you can find their treats at Dandelion Cafe.

Disclaimer: Restaurant reviews are based upon the information I have at the time of the review and do not reflect changes in ingredients or availability of items. Please contact the restaurant directly for up-to-date information and feel free to to contact me with any questions or comments. I was not compensated for this review and it is a reflection of my personal opinion.

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