Where I'm Going… and Other Updates

My beautiful new home away from home.

As I write this, I’m down to a mere two weeks left in Central Florida before my residence shifts to Baltimore, MD as I embark on latest and greatest adventure… college. Despite all of the unknowns lurking ahead, I cannot wait to explore a whole new city and delve into all the opportunities awaiting me with a fresh start and new direction. Naturally, I’ll be bringing Eating Out Without with me along the way which will signal a shift in focus from Central Florida’s gluten-free offerings to that of the great state of Maryland. While I will still consider myself a proud Floridian and will continue to cover gluten-free eats when I come back home on breaks, don’t be alarmed when I suddenly shift to non-Florida eateries. In addition, this shift will open up more opportunities to promote quick and easy recipes I’m perfecting for dorm-proof cooking, tips for college dining with food allergies, and will hopefully be able to chase down a halfway decent gluten-free crab cake along the way.

Want to stay up to date with Central Florida restaurants during my leave of absence from the sunshine state? I highly recommend these blogs: Gluten Free in Orlando, Gluten Free and Dairy Free at Walt Disney World, and Celiac in Orlando. I’ll also keep my local events calendar up-to-date to feature upcoming meetups, expos, and other events.

Here are some other newsworthy points worth sharing…

Magic in November

One of the big things I’ve got circled on my calendar is the upcoming Food Allergy and Celiac Convention coming to town the Saturday before Thanksgiving. This event is shaping up to be a not-to-be-missed affair showcasing Disney’s incredible culinary versatility and a lineup of demos, seminars, and a dedicated expo celebrating awareness of food allergies and sensitivities. As a member of the Blogger Street Team for the event, I’m so excited to help play a part in getting the word out about this event and to cover all of the festivities the day of. Check out more information about the event here.

Extra, Extra, Read All About It!

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The Dog Days of Summer

Though this blog focuses squarely on food, it’s hard to not write about my sidekick and service dog Locke. As I embark on my collegiate adventure with him, our shared adventures along the way became too good of a premise to ignore for a new blog. Enter A New Leash on Life, my latest blogging venture delving into life with a service dog and the unique escapades we will have as a team navigating college and new-found independence. 

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