Glutino Gluten-Free Animal Crackers Review

Although I normally bypass packaged cookies in favor of do-it-yourself mixes and homemade cookies, I could not help but jump for joy when I heard the Glutino’s latest gluten-free offering is one of my favorite childhood delicacies: animal crackers.

Once these kid-friendly cookies were announced, I knew the hunt was on to locate them and many weeks of patient searching paid off and I soon came home with a pack each of both animal cracker varieties: graham and original. From the moment I opened the packaging, my inner child was gleeful to find that Glutino would be bringing animal crackers back into my gluten-free world in a big way.

Glutino’s products are all made in a dedicated gluten-free facility (certified too!) and are free from artificial colors or flavors. Both of these crackers are dairy free as well (but not all Glutino products are). However, they do contain soy (soy lecithin) and eggs, so vegans and others with soy and/or egg allergies should take heed.

I opened the pack of original crackers first and fell in love with the distinctive animal shapes; I spotted a hippo, elephant, and camel among the other zoo creatures. I loved the crunchiness and sweetness (but not overly sugary) of the crackers and the delicious hint of vanilla and possibly even coconut that added complexity. They were spot on for the animal crackers I remember from years ago. These crackers would be perfectly paired in a snack mix, simply throw in some Enjoy Life chocolate chips, popcorn, dried fruit, or whatever else floats your boat. 

I next taste tested the graham crackers, which were similar in shape and size, but a whole different safari in taste. I loved the heavy cinnamon presence in the crackers, as well as the notes of molasses and caramelized sugar that together created one downright delicious cookie. They merged the fun of animal crackers with the taste of graham crackers. These would be dangerously delicious as a base for a s’more sandwich with roasted marshmallows or a fun sandwich-style snack with a schmear of almond butter in between two cookies. 

Both of these fabulous cookies earned a two thumbs up from me, but if I really had to play favorites, the graham cookies edged out the original ones for my top pick. It’s the cinnamon-y goodness that stole the show, and won my heart. Either way, I know these will easily become a staple on my collegiate grocery list, and I will be hoarding them in my room to enjoy every last cracker.

I located these in Central Florida at Earth Origins Outlet in Lake Mary, but the crackers can be ordered online at Amazon and . For more information on Glutino, click here

Animal cracker display at Earth Origins Market.

Disclaimer: This review is current to the original publication date. Updates will be noted. Ingredients and manufacturing processes can change without notice. Each product should be reviewed for individual nutritional needs. Feel free to to contact me with any questions or comments. I purchased this product independently and the review is a reflection of my personal opinion. 

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