So Delicious Cashew Milk Ice Cream Review

I’ve spent way too much money on sub par dairy-free ice cream in my years post-dairy. Despite the endless dead ends, I have continued on my quest to find ice cream that is rich, creamy, and perfect. Having tried rice, almond, and coconut based varieties without finding my Goldilocks product, I could not wait to give the new line of cashew milk ice creams from dairy-free dedicated So Delicious Dairy Free a try.

These new flavors are an interesting break from the typical flavors found in conventional ice cream. Moving towards the more gourmet realm, these flavors go above and beyond your average chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry options. The new flavors are: cappuccino, creamy cashew, dark chocolate truffle, salted caramel cluster, and snickerdoodle. Mixing notes of sweet, salty, and nutty, the flavors certainly elevate the simple indulgence of ice cream to a delicious, dreamy affair. 

As it happened, the search for this delicacy- my “cashew crusade” as it came to be known- brought me all across town to several grocery store chains in search of the elusive pints. Before delving into each flavor, here’s an overview of the whole cashew milk ice cream line. All five of the flavors are:

  • Dairy-free (Certified)
  • Gluten-free
  • Soy-free
  • Vegan (Certified)
  • Kosher

Yes, the ice creams are cashew-based, so they are not nut free. Some flavors have coconut, for those who are watching their allergens.

Dark Chocolate Truffle

The first flavor I located just so happened to be the most richly decadent of the bunch. Chocolate lovers rejoice, because this is So Delicious’ love letter to you. The creamy, thick ice cream has a wonderful dark chocolate base, and has a wonderful complexity brought to you by organic fair trade cocoa. Upping the chocolate ante, So Delicious added bits of chocolate truffles to add crunch and texture. This ice cream is the first chocolate one I’ve fallen head over heels for, and will definitely be seeking it out when I need a chocoholic fix. 

Salted Caramel Cluster

The chocolate proved to be a hard act to follow, but the salted caramel cluster ice cream certainly did not back down from the challenge. Immediately you notice a difference, as the ice cream base is simple and has a nice buttery/nutty taste, which is the cashew milk shining through. Swirled in are ribbons of caramel, sea salt, and dark chocolate covered cashews, which melt the taster with their sweet and salty bliss. I really loved this flavor, and found it satisfied my need for a quick fix after working long evening shifts at my internship.

Creamy Cashew

Of the five flavors, the creamy cashew at first glance appears to be the least flashy of the bunch. Plain and simple without sweet or salty mix-ins, this flavor stands back and lets its cashew base take center stage. It’s rich and creamy, with nutty notes and a hint of vanilla (fair trade). I loved it’s simplicity, because I could easily eat it as is, but it also works perfectly for a do-it-yourself sundae approach with fun toppings such as caramel sauce, Enjoy Life chocolate chips, or a sprinkle of sea salt.


Admittedly, the snickerdoodle pint was the one that initially caught my eye, and started me off on my cashew crusade. I had the highest of hopes when I went to taste test it, after finally locating it after many attempts to find it. Luckily, the snickerdoodle did not disappoint a bit, and quickly made it’s way near the top of my favorite flavor list. The cinammony-nutty ice cream base is divine, and made even more tantalyzing by balls of snickerdoodle cookies that are sweet and cinnamony. The juxtaposition of creamy and crunchy is addicting, and hard to resist. 

The last flavor I picked up was the cappuccino one. The luxurious cashew base perfectly complements the fair trade coffee, which lends the ice cream to taste like a creamy cappuccino. Forget Starbucks, I’d take a couple scoops of this over a coffee drink any day. Of all the flavors, this one seems perfect for a milkshake (using cashew milk as the liquid). However, I must admit that it was my least favorite flavor of the quintet as I am not a huge fan of coffee. Nevertheless, it was pretty good, just not my favorite.

Now for the most precious morsel of information: where I located them. I found the dark chocolate truffle at Hoover’s Market locally in Altamonte Springs, and picked up the creamy cashew and salted caramel cluster at Walmart in Sanford. Want your local store to stock them, click here for a product request form. 

For more information on So Delicious and the many gluten and dairy-free products they sell, click here.

Disclaimer: This review is current to the original publication date. Updates will be noted. Ingredients and manufacturing processes can change without notice. Each product should be reviewed for individual nutritional needs. Feel free to to contact me with any questions or comments. I purchased this product independently and the review is a reflection of my personal opinion. 

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  1. Anonymous

    LOVE these new 'ice creams'! I have the chocolate one and the cappuccino one in my freezer right now. Vegan ice creams have come a long way. I hate how most of them have that soy or coconut milk aftertaste. These are the closest if not BETTER than some dairy-based ice cream.


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