Saturday, February 13, 2016

More Gluten and Dairy-Free Finds at Waverly Farmers Market

A delicious loot of cookies, cider, and fresh eggs.
Now that I am settled back in Baltimore, I have resumed one of my favorite routines- visiting the 32nd Street/Waverly Farmers Market on Saturday mornings.

Although there are bigger markets around town, I love the unique character and availability of gluten-free goodies that can be found in this neighborhood-centric market. Fruits and veggies of all types abound, local dairies bring fresh eggs, and other vendors offer baked goods. You can find my previous review of vendors at this link

On a recent visit, I noticed several new vendors, who have come to the market during their Winter session. Offering cookies, bliss balls, and cider, these treats are worth braving the cold on a Saturday morning. The market runs year-round without fail (except for last month's blizzard) and is located at the intersection of Barclay and 32nd streets. It's definitely a Baltimore attraction that's not to be missed! 

Rare Opportunity Farm

I'm all about peanut butter and chocolate combined in anything so I definitely couldn't resist picking up a gluten-free peanut butter chocolate chip cookie from Rare Opportunity Farms' stand. While the bakery serves up mostly gluten-containing items, they do go through protocol to make sure the cookies are prepared with clean utensils and baked separately to avoid cross contamination.

The cookies themselves are ridiculously decadent, with a rich peanut butter and brown sugar base dotted with chocolate chips. They are soft and tend to crumble, but that is part of the luxury. The cookies contain egg, but are otherwise gluten and dairy-free. Rare Opportunity also makes chocolate chip cookies, but they do contain dairy (butter). Read more about this vender on their website.

Wholesome Nibbles

Offering gluten, dairy, and soy-free raw treats, Wholesome Nibbles is a newer company, having only set up shop earlier this year. Their treats are made using real, whole ingredients that are processed down and scooped into bite-sized balls. For the most part, they are vegan, but honey is an ingredient in some varieties. The day I went, the flavors were chocolate almond, cranberry coconut, apricot walnut, and coffee almond. 

I came home with the chocolate almond and cranberry coconut varieties. The chocolate center, with a nice cocoa flavor, was coated with ground almonds. The flavor was intense and not too sweet at all. The cranberry, a nut-free ball, was slightly sweeter with a tang of tartness and a hint of cocoa. I normally am not a huge coconut fan, but did not mind it at all in the little bite. Read more about Wholesome Nibbles over on their website.

Planning a trip to the Market? Take MTA bus lines 8/48 to 32nd street, or drive and hunt for street parking in the area. Make a day of it and head over to Charles Village a few blocks away to patron cafes and Eddies, a local independent grocery store. 

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