More Gluten and Dairy-Free Finds at Waverly Farmers Market

Wholesome Nibbles

Offering gluten, dairy, and soy-free raw treats, Wholesome Nibbles is a newer company, having only set up shop earlier this year. Their treats are made using real, whole ingredients that are processed down and scooped into bite-sized balls. For the most part, they are vegan, but honey is an ingredient in some varieties. The day I went, the flavors were chocolate almond, cranberry coconut, apricot walnut, and coffee almond. 

I came home with the chocolate almond and cranberry coconut varieties. The chocolate center, with a nice cocoa flavor, was coated with ground almonds. The flavor was intense and not too sweet at all. The cranberry, a nut-free ball, was slightly sweeter with a tang of tartness and a hint of cocoa. I normally am not a huge coconut fan, but did not mind it at all in the little bite. Read more about Wholesome Nibbles over on their website.

Planning a trip to the Market? Take MTA bus lines 8/48 to 32nd street, or drive and hunt for street parking in the area. Make a day of it and head over to Charles Village a few blocks away to patron cafes and Eddies, a local independent grocery store. 

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