Sweet Utopian Review

Ever since Raphsodic Bakery closed, Orlando has been lacking a local (non-chain) bakery. I’m always on the hunt for gluten and dairy-free fare, so when I began to hear buzz about Sweet Utopian, a gluten-free and vegan nut “mylk” purveyor and bakery, I knew I had to check them out.

Sweet Utopian was founded with a simple mission- producing quality goods with real ingredients. In the words of A.B., the owner, no one has high-fructose corn syrup or MSG in their kitchen pantry, shouldn’t we expect more of the food we eat? 

I love baking, because I get to connect with the ingredients and share the finished product with friends and family. However, as my life has gotten busier, I find that I bake less, and visit bakeries more. With high hopes that Sweet Utopian would pass my taste tests and be a reliable local bakery, I could’t wait to test them out.

Sweet Utopian’s products are made by hand in a shared kitchen in Winter Park. All are gluten-free, vegan, kosher, non-GMO, and soy-free, and are made from homemade ingredients such as nut mylks and syrups. 

Orlandoans can find Sweet Utopian at local clean-eating hot spots such as Dandelion Cafe, Homegrown Co-op, Market on South, Valhalla Bakery, and The District at Mills 50. For my initial taste test (because I plan on visiting as frequently as I can!) I found Sweet Utopian’s products at the District at Mills, which is a store that features locally made art, vintage clothes, and gourmet groceries. They have a bakery case loaded with Sweet Utopian’s baked goods, and a cooler stocked with homemade nut mylk in different flavors.

The bakery case at The District at Mills features a rotating cast of baked goods. The first that caught my eye was a blondie topped with white frosting and berries. The blondie was absolutely decadent, with each forkful a sweet and satisfying. The blondie base is dense (in a good way), vanilla-y, and sweet, with chocolate chip scattered throughout to provide a contact of flavor. The frosting was thick, creamy, and sweet without being sticky or cloyingly sweet, which so often characterizes vegan frosting. The berries added a tangy flavor burst that was a nice garnish to compliment the blondie.

I couldn’t leave the District at Mills without also grabbing a cookie, and picked out the chocolate chip one. What stands out the most about this baked good was the bake itself, as it was chewy and dense, which definitely reminded me of homemade cookies. Sweet Utopian perfectly nails the classic chocolate chip cookie taste and texture, with base that had notes brown sugar and vanilla, and intense chocolate chips. It was perfect, and I don’t say that word often when describing food. Definitely try to have a glass of nut mylk with it, for the the full classic chocolate chip cookie experience.

Last, but not least are Sweet Utopian’s bagels, which were stocked in many flavors the day I visited. After debating, I picked out the sourdough and onion bagel for review. What you first notice about them is that they are “normal” sized, and look like gluten-filled bagels at first glance. These are made with millet, a nutrient-rich grain. They slice easily, and toast beautifully, resulting in crunchy, yet soft bagels. The sourdough bagel has a sour taste, without overdoing it, and is a good all-purpose bagel that can handle any spread (I ate mine with hummus). The onion bagel has enough onion to add flavor, but not enough to takeover your breath all day, which I appreciated. I topped it with Kite Hill vegan cream cheese, which made for a perfect breakfast.

I was really impressed by Sweet Utopian’s variety and quality of products, and definitely will update this review soon when I try their nut mylks. I didn’t have a cooler on me the day I visited, and couldn’t keep them cool when running around doing errands the day I dropped by the District at Mills. I look forward to returning often for a sweet treat or afternoon pick-me-up, and hereby crown Sweet Utopian as the bakery to beat in Orlando.

To get more information about Sweet Utopian, click here. There you’ll find more information about where to find their products, and even order online for home delivery! 

Disclaimer: This review is current to the original publication date. Updates will be noted. Ingredients and manufacturing processes can change without notice. Each product should be reviewed for individual nutritional needs. Feel free to to contact me with any questions or comments. I purchased the above products independently and I was not compensated from my review.

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