Dairy-Free Oui by Yoplait Review

In recent months, the yogurt aisle at my local grocery stores has gotten a lot more crowded in the best possible way with mainstream brands introducing new dairy-free lines and already dairy-free brands introducing new products. It’s certainly a great time to be in search of dairy-free yogurt and a long way from the sad days of off-textured and off-flavored versions I tried when I first transitioned away from all things dairy. 

I’m not going to lie when I say that I’ve enviously eyed the yogurt offerings of Yoplait’s sub-brand Oui for years. The cute glass jars and focus on thick French-style yogurt with fruity fillings made with real ingredients seemed like a winning combination from afar. That’s why when they rolled out their new coconut-based dairy-free line, I kept a close eye on local stores to see and taste them for myself. With the bar for dairy-free yogurt getting higher and higher, could these earn a place as my go-to choice for yogurt cravings?

At first impression, what I appealed to me most about Oui’s dairy-free options is that the ingredients list is straight– and straightforward. The coconut base is made with real coconut cream and the fruit at the bottom is made with the real fruit promised on the front of the label, with a little added sugar. The yogurts clock in at 12-13 grams of sugar per pot, which about an par (or lower) than other cup-sized yogurts I’ve tried. 

All of the flavors in the new line are vegan, and although are made in a shared facility with milk products, are subjected to a thorough allergen-testing program from start to finish to ensure they remain dairy-free (see more in Oui’s FAQ section). Additionally, all Oui products (dairy-free or not) are gluten-free.


To start off, I’ll begin with the basic and only fruitless variety in Oui by Yoplait’s lineup. The first thing I noticed with this yogurt was that it had a lovely thick texture that didn’t need to be stirred upon opening. There was no pool of liquids at the top, and no gritty texture. No, this yogurt was impossibly creamy and had a most indulgent texture. 

The vanilla (from real extract) shines through, and plays nicely with the yogurt’s natural coconut flavor from its base ingredient. If you don’t like coconut, this (and the whole line) probably isn’t for you, but as a not huge coconut fan, I didn’t mind the coconut flavor level at all. Although rather good on its own, this yogurt can be taken to the next level by pairing it with granola, cacao nibs, or other mix-ins to raise the indulgence factor.

What I liked about the fruit flavors was that they are not meant to be stirred, which means eating the yogurt is like a choose-your-own adventure of playing with the ratio of coconut cream base and fruit. The thick consistency of the yogurt seemed to capably hold its own in transit from the grocery store and in my lunchbox to work (both via public transport!) and the yogurt-fruit line held its own without getting too disrupted or sloshing around. 

The strawberry yogurt is pretty much a strawberry shortcake without the angel food cake base. The summer-ripe strawberry flavor definitely put a spring in my step in the morning with the right balance of sweetness and creaminess. Note that there’s no artificial dye rendering the bright red color (for any of the fruit flavors), which is yet another gold star for this new family of products.

Same as with the strawberry, the raspberry flavor features the bold, tart flavor of the raspberries. I loved the abundance of raspberry seeds in this one, which added a nice contrast to the fruit and yogurt combination. 

The mango version sets itself apart from the others with its bright, bold yellow flavor. With it’s authentic mango flavor, the yogurt reminded me of coconut-mango desserts sometimes on offer at Thai restaurants, and one of my favorite indulgences: mango sorbet with coconut whipped cream. One spoonful definitely transported me temporarily somewhere warm (or at least far from winter in DC) and marked a perfect four-for-four for my taste test. 

I haven’t been this excited about a dairy-replacing product in quite awhile! Oui by Yoplait just earns so many top marks for not only being a delicious dairy-free yogurt alternative, but crafting one that has real, simple ingredients, satisfies my sweet tooth without inducing a sugar coma, and its packaging in handy-sized glass jars lends itself to use and reuse (you can also source lids from the company for added upcycling-ability). 

If you’re like me and have written off all dairy-free yogurts at one point or another, I definitely recommend giving Oui by Yoplait a try. Having been a hard-core greek yogurt eater before I dropped gluten and dairy a decade ago, this is the first yogurt product that I think I will keep in regular rotation in my fridge- especially when sales role around! I was able to snag these on offer for 3 for $4 at Target.

Click here to see where these products are stocked at a store near you. I have found them at Giant (O St NW) and Target (14th St NW) in Washington, DC.

Disclaimer: This review is current to the original publication date. Updates will be noted. Ingredients and manufacturing processes can change without notice. Each product should be reviewed for individual nutritional needs. Feel free to to contact me with any questions or comments. I purchased the product independently and this review is a reflection of my personal opinion. 

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