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Gorsha Ethiopian Eatery Review

When people ask me for recommendations about what to do or see in Washington DC, I cannot recommend Union Market enough. This foodie wonderland is a feast for the senses, with cuisines from around the world represented by the many micro-eateries and there are always pop up shops and art that make each visit memorable. On a recent visit, I decided to stop by Gorsha, an Ethiopian eatery that I have walked by, but […]

Sanaa Review

What’s so great and frustrating about food blogging is that the more I venture out and try new restaurants and cuisine styles, the more restaurants I put on my “to-do list” to review. As they stack up, it’s hard to sort out which ones to go to first and which ones to put on the waiting list. After all, I am on a budget and can’t eat out each and […]

Sanaa Gluten-free and Dairy-free Menus

Note: Since my last visit to Sanaa, new top eight allergen free menus have been released at Sanaa, and these menus have replaced the menus shown here. Please consult those for the most up-to-date allergen information. This post is dedicated to my pictures of Sanaa’s dedicated gluten and dairy free menus. While I wanted to include them with my full review in the spirit of sharing information, I didn’t want […]