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Cooper's Hawk Restaurant and Winery Review

Cooper’s Hawk Restaurant is a chain that I have heard quite a buzz about in the gluten-free world. I’ve read other bloggers’ glowing reviews and have seen positive reports on Find Me Gluten Free, a website and app I use religiously. That being said, I approached this dining experience at Cooper’s Hawk with dread, because I have eaten there once before (years ago) and it was one of the worst dining experiences […]

Cooper's Hawk Winery & Restaurant Gluten-Free Menu

While visiting Cincinnati over the President’s Day weekend, my grandparents wanted to go out for dinner with my dad and me. After some searching, we decided that Cooper’s Hawk Winery and Restaurant in Kenwood would be a good place to go out because they had an expansive gluten-free menu and lots of choices for the gluten, and non-gluten eaters in our party.  When I arrived our waiter brought out the restaurant’s […]

Dewey's Pizza Review

The last of my reviews from my recent visit to Cincinnati is Dewey’s Pizza, a regional chain pizza company that has gluten-free offerings. Pizza is among the trickiest of foods to navigate when dining out gluten-free because there are so many moving parts. From the oven, to the utensils (pizza cutter, sauce ladle), to the free-flying flour in the kitchen, so few restaurants understand the nuance and importance of doing […]

Sleepy Bee Cafe Review

In the holiday week between Christmas and New Year, I was able to return to Cincinnati, Ohio to celebrate the end of the year with my family. I visited Cincinnati earlier this year and really enjoyed exploring their foodie offerings. On this return visit, I couldn’t wait to continue exploring.  On the recommendation of my cousin and sister, we decided to go out for breakfast one morning at Sleepy Bee […]

April Baking Month: Elephant Bread Review

After breaking my trend of baking mix reviews with a bakery review, let’s continue the trend with a  review of Elephant Bread, which is a truly incredible company I discovered on my recent swing through Cincinnati over spring break. Founded by a local baker who had a firm belief that gluten-free bread can and should be delicious, this bread is truly homemade and crafted with care. One of the few […]

Sotto Review

On my final night in Cincinnati, I sought out a nice place for my family to enjoy dinner out all together before we parted ways. Because it was my birthday, I really wanted to find someplace special to dine. As I scoured restaurants in and around the city, I came across Sotto, which drew me in with accolades from Find Me Gluten-Free and local food critics alike.  Italian food typically […]

Mazunte Review

After a busy morning attending the Gluten-Free for Cincinnati Expo and visiting grocery wonderland Jungle Jim’s (see that recap here), my mom and I were hungry, but could not really articulate what we were hungry for. After all the carb and sugar-heavy fare at the expo l knew I wanted real food, so I turned to my Find Me Gluten-Free app to see what peaked my interest. From the list […]

Chubby Bunny Bakery Review

While at the Gluten-Free for Cincinnati Expo, one of the booths that really drew me in was Chubby Bunny Bakery, a gluten-free and vegan bakery that had an array of picture-perfect baked goods that tempted my taste buds. Founded out of the food allergy journey of “Baker Bunny” Allyson Moore, Chubby Bunny uses quality organic ingredients free from gluten, egg, dairy, nuts, and preservatives.  Proving that baked goods can be as good […]

Jungle Jim's International Market Overview

Whenever I have the chance to travel, my favorite form of tourism is exploring local grocery stores. While that might not sound too exciting, it’s amazing what you gluten-free finds you can uncover, which always leads me to bring home way too much food from wherever I travel. When I knew I would be headed to Cincinnati for spring break, I knew a stop to the Jungle Jim’s International Market […]

2016 Gluten-Free For Cincinnati Expo Recap

Although I did not plan my trip to Cincinnati around the Gluten-Free for Cincinnati expo, it certainly was incredible timing for it to take place during my birthday week while I happened to be in the city.  Organized by a local non-profit founded by a Cincinnati family whose young kids were diagnosed with celiac disease, this expo promised to bring together local and national vendors for a day of education, awareness, and gluten-free […]