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La Scala Review

Few people associate Baltimore with Italian food, after all, our city is synonymous with Old Bay seasoning and crabs. However, Baltimore has a small, yet historic Little Italy neighborhood just a few blocks from the Inner Harbor that is home to many authentic Italian restaurants that strive to recreate Old World flavors for modern audiences.  Italian food (well, the American-ized form) is typically not gluten and dairy-free friendly. However, when prepared using fresh […]

Sotto Review

On my final night in Cincinnati, I sought out a nice place for my family to enjoy dinner out all together before we parted ways. Because it was my birthday, I really wanted to find someplace special to dine. As I scoured restaurants in and around the city, I came across Sotto, which drew me in with accolades from Find Me Gluten-Free and local food critics alike.  Italian food typically […]

Vivo Italian Kitchen Review (Universal Orlando CityWalk)

It’s no secret that my favorite of Orlando’s “big three” theme parks is Universal Orlando. As a devoted Harry Potter fan, Universal totally won me over with their truly breathtaking recreations of the Wizarding World. However, another feature I really love about Universal is CityWalk, a collection of shops, eateries, and night life venues that ensure a day at the park truly turns into an experience. Since I have been […]

Carrabba's Italian Grill Review

If the soup is uninspired, my entree would be described as the polar opposite. I went with the wood grilled salmon with a side of Italian green beans. The salmon, made without the grill baste, came topped with a tomato basil vinaigrette that was downright tantalizing. Made with flavorful tomato, aromatic basil, and deliciously distinctive balsamic vinegar. The fish itself was cooked perfectly, easily sliced by a fork. The green beans, cooked with olive oil, featured […]

Verde Pizza Review

Back in my beloved Baltimore for the remainder of the spring semester, returning from spring break was a rude awakening. Don’t get me wrong, I wasn’t parting though my week-long break, but the abundance of awesome food and indulgence in Netflix I enjoyed all through the break came to a sudden end as I shifted back into school mode, and began to prepare for papers, midterms, and the daily challenges of being […]

Maggiano's Little Italy Review

When it comes to dining out, I often shy away from major chains in favor of local restaurants and cafes with a proven record of accommodating guests with dietary restrictions.  However, in keeping my finger on the pulse of what’s going on in the world of dining out gluten-free, I cannot ignore the buzz around some big chain restaurants. Maggiano’s Little Italy is one such restaurant with nation-wide presence that I have heard […]

Uncle Steve's Pasta Sauces Review

After a super busy Natural Products Expo East a month ago, I have slowly but surely been working my way through the many samples I was generously provided. Of the more unique samples I’ve tried so far are organic marinara sauces courtesy of Uncle Steve’s Italian Specialties. The Steve of Uncle Steve’s is Steve Schirripa, known for playing Bobby Baccalieri on The Sopranos. According to Uncle Steve himself, the sauces […]

Papa Joe's Pizza Review

The more I eat and explore around Orlando, the more I realize just how much I’ve been missing out on Orlando’s rich variety of culinary offerings and that I’ve been missing out on gluten free offerings in my own backyard. Such as the case with Papa Joe’s Pizza which has flown beneath my gluten-free radar for years now. Though I enjoyed their pizza from my gluten/dairy eating days, I figured they were […]

Prato Review

When it comes to fine, exotic, or out-of-the-norm dining options, Winter Park definitely covers a lot of ground as the city is home to many restaurants with varying cuisines and styles. Prato, located on scenic Park Avenue definitely has carved out it’s niche in the city and has earned top marks for their modern take on Italian cooking. Recently, they were commended by Orlando Magazine as the best Italian restaurant […]

Francesco's Ristorante and Pizzeria Review

Francesco’s Ristorante and Pizzeria in Maitland has been on my gluten-free restaurant wish list for a while now. Located in Maitland, I’ve passed by it many times always vowing to return to try out their offerings, but never actually making a stop. However, when dinner plans with friends hit a snag at a different restaurant, I jumped at the opportunity to finally try them and suggested it as our new […]