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Maitland Farmers' Market Finds (Feat. Heartsong Cookies and Jacqueline's Cookies)

Although Christmas is now behind us, there’s no denying the fact that this time of year is marked by the proliferation of cookies of all shapes and sizes. Normally one who does not seek out sweets, I have indulged myself over the past few weeks in Christmas cookies as a stress reliever for finals week and celebration that I made it through my first semester in college no worse for […]

Heartsong Cookies Review

It’s not often that I get cookies. Not because they’re particularly hard to source here in Orlando, but the few cookies I’ve tried have been severe disappointments with a few exceptions. The problem with gluten free and dairy free cookies is that they are often small, dry, crumbly, and loaded with sugar and preservatives. After an initial attempt, I had all but given up on the sweet treats until a bakery in Philadelphia […]

Francesco's Ristorante and Pizzeria Review

Francesco’s Ristorante and Pizzeria in Maitland has been on my gluten-free restaurant wish list for a while now. Located in Maitland, I’ve passed by it many times always vowing to return to try out their offerings, but never actually making a stop. However, when dinner plans with friends hit a snag at a different restaurant, I jumped at the opportunity to finally try them and suggested it as our new […]