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Gluten-Free Options on United Airlines International Flight (2019)

Up until now, my frame of reference with airplane food is the pint-sized and often gluten-laden snacks handed out at cruising altitude. Now that I’ve been gluten-free for several years, I’ve learned to approach any air travel like a chipmunk, stashing snacks in my carry-on to ensure I’m never without safe sustenance when traveling.  However, when booking tickets for my first international flight to London, I was excited to see […]

Side Trip: Darn Good Soup Review and Bucceto's Review (Bloomington, IN)

Although my time in Bloomington was short, I carefully planned to ensure I made the most of the plentiful gluten-free offerings while devoting my attention to the conference that brought me out to the town in the first place. While I had more time on the first day to get out and explore (see those reviews here) day two in Bloomington was more of a take-out and delivery kind of […]

Spice and Dice Thai Review (Towson, MD)

Every good college town needs it’s restaurant staples and Towson/Baltimore is no different. From past experiences and doing some driving around, I already knew they had gluten-free friendly grocery stores (Whole Foods, Fresh Market, etc.), chain restaurants (Red Robin, Chipotle, Qdoba, etc.), and even a local pizza place that would deliver a gluten free pizza. One staple cuisine I was missing after a couple visits worth of exploring was a […]

Red Robin (Towson, MD)

After a hot and exhausting day meeting with different departments on campus to get a better picture of what my college experience will be come this fall, my mom and I were exhausted and not feeling up to a grandiose dinner outing. Though I had planned to eat at a Thai restaurant that evening, I postponed our plans there and opted for a nearby Red Robin wanting a more familiar […]

Towson Hot Bagels Review

When it comes to travelling, I love stumbling upon places that are less touristy and more geared towards locals. While doing my research about the food scene in North Baltimore/Towson, I repeatedly saw references to Towson Hot Bagels as a not-to-be-missed breakfast, brunch, and lunchtime option. While bagel places usually set off a red alert due to the emphasis on gluten-filled bagels and cross contamination, Towson Hot Bagels, or THB […]

Side Trip: Taffets Bakery and Bread Review (Philadelphia)

Located in Philadelphia’s Italian market, Taffets Bakery is quite simply heaven on Earth for those seeking gluten-free bread. Even for those who can eat wheat without trouble, I highly recommend this wonderful treat of a bakery whose breads are hands down the best I’ve ever had since going gluten-free.  What’s so great about Taffets is that they are 100% dedicated to the gluten-free community and their handcrafted baked goods are rarities in […]

Side Trip: Sweet Freedom Bakery, Schmear It, and Reading Terminal Market (Philadelphia)

Although I was in Philadelphia all of about 48 hours, I made a point of maximizing my time in the “city of brotherly love.” Which, as became quite evident though my adventures, really should be called the “city of gluten free love.”  The sheer abundance and availability of gluten free options was overwhelming at first. Although there are a plethora of gluten free friendly restaurants in Orlando, its a little […]

Side Trip: Giorgio on Pine Review (Philadelphia)

Although I am based in Orlando nowadays, I like to spotlight my gluten free finds when I travel out of the Central Florida area. Although they may seem out of the way at times, I believe the more that is written and shared about gluten free restaurants and travel, the more we all benefit.  While most of my out-of-town posts are compilations of multiple reviews at once, Giorgio on Pine in […]

Side Trip: Blue Moon Pizza, R Rice and Souper Jenny Review (Atlanta, GA)

Although I’m mainly Orlando-based, every so often, I get to travel around. Being a high school senior who has a complex medical condition, most of my recent travel has surrounded college visits or medical appointments out of town. Such is the case that brought me to Atlanta recently. This visit was of medical nature, which involved appointments and procedures- not fun. However, what softens the deal for me is finding […]