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Nanee's Kitchen Review

As I mentioned in my last post, the dawning of a new year (and a new decade!) has prompted me to catch up with blog posts and reviews that have fallen to the wayside amidst the many December festivities I was juggling. As such, I’m happy to have finished this review so I can share one of the gluten-free gems I discovered in Philly last November. Though I’ve mentioned it in […]

Fox & Son Review

It’s been three years since I last visited Philadelphia, which is honestly three years too long. Living in DC, it’s effortlessly easy to visit cities up and down the northeast via Amtrak, and after passing through Philly’s 30th Street Station so often on my way en route to New York City, I figured I was long overdue to alight at the city of brotherly love for a long weekend of exploration.  […]

Snap Kitchen Review (Part 2)

Discovering Snap Kitchen in Philadelphia was definitely the highlight of my trip to the historic city. Snap Kitchen is an Austin, TX export whose first foray into the east cost is Philly, with (hopefully) more locations coming soon to the mid-Atlantic (namely D.C. and/or Baltimore). The concept is simple and truly genius, because Snap Kitchen is a perfect merging of a supermarket and and a restaurant, promising top quality fare […]

Snap Kitchen Review (Part 1)

As a busier than ever college student tackling classwork, internship, and working this summer, my free time has been dramatically reduced, leaving little time to eat out or cook from scratch. Most days, I rely on microwave-friendly fare, which rightly has not earned a reputation for health or taste value.  However, while in Philadelphia, I stumbled across Snap Kitchen, an Austin, TX export that recently set up their first East Coast locale […]

Farmer's Keep Review

When I knew I’d be Philadelphia bound this summer, I knew I wanted to make the most of the short time that I would be in the city. For help navigating where I wanted to eat, I turned to my trusty travel companion, Find Me Gluten-Free. From all the options the site had, I narrowed my focus to dedicated gluten-free businesses because there is no beating the peace of mind […]

Side Trip: Taffets Bakery and Bread Review (Philadelphia)

Located in Philadelphia’s Italian market, Taffets Bakery is quite simply heaven on Earth for those seeking gluten-free bread. Even for those who can eat wheat without trouble, I highly recommend this wonderful treat of a bakery whose breads are hands down the best I’ve ever had since going gluten-free.  What’s so great about Taffets is that they are 100% dedicated to the gluten-free community and their handcrafted baked goods are rarities in […]

Sweet Note Bakery Bagels Review

Like most who are gluten-free, we look upon the glutenous foods we once ate as poison to our bodies now. We know better than to sneak the smallest crumb, but there come occasions when the fantasy of “how it used to be” creep back in. For me, one weakness I have always had in the bread department is bagels. While trying many different flavors and brands of gluten-free bagels, I […]

Side Trip: Sweet Freedom Bakery, Schmear It, and Reading Terminal Market (Philadelphia)

Although I was in Philadelphia all of about 48 hours, I made a point of maximizing my time in the “city of brotherly love.” Which, as became quite evident though my adventures, really should be called the “city of gluten free love.”  The sheer abundance and availability of gluten free options was overwhelming at first. Although there are a plethora of gluten free friendly restaurants in Orlando, its a little […]

Side Trip: Giorgio on Pine Review (Philadelphia)

Although I am based in Orlando nowadays, I like to spotlight my gluten free finds when I travel out of the Central Florida area. Although they may seem out of the way at times, I believe the more that is written and shared about gluten free restaurants and travel, the more we all benefit.  While most of my out-of-town posts are compilations of multiple reviews at once, Giorgio on Pine in […]