Wednesday, April 1, 2015

April Bake Shop: Intro and Post Listing

Just a sneak peak of upcoming reviews.
Here in Baltimore, March came in like a lion and left, well, like a lion. With snow flurries on the last weekend of the month and temperatures struggling to rise, I've been chilled by "February in March" and need something to look forward to to make it through the hardest part of the semester. 

Through several gluten-free expos and my weakness for shopping on Amazon, I've accumulated way too many boxes of baking mixes for sweets and savories of all sorts. Cookies, pizza crusts, pancakes, you name it, I'll be baking it. 

This surplus of all things baking has me inspired to break into my baking stash for this month's theme on my blog: April Bake Shop. I'll bake my way through the month and share product reviews and recipes along the way. Stay tuned, and feel free to drop me a line with your favorite gluten and dairy free products and recipes via social media! 

Want to keep up with April Bake Shop throughout the month? Bookmark this page, and watch the listing of brands covered increase below. Feel like being social? Follow along on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter with the hashtag #AprilBakeShop.

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