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College Confidential: Gluten-Free in College First Steps

College Confidential is my month-long look at college life with dietary restrictions. From dorm cooking to navigating the dining hall, this all access pass will give tips, tricks, and other tactics for handling a gluten and dairy-free diet in college. With the final days of my first year in college winding down, I’m finally getting around to putting pen to paper to give some insight into my experience dealing with […]

Schar Pizza Crust Challenge

As a teen who’s a college student, pizza is safely one of my favorite foods. It’s flexibility and easy assembly is a bonus for me as I often need quick-cooking meals that use the ingredients I have on hand.  When gluten-free giant Schar reached out to me to taste test their reformulated pizza crusts as a part of their gluten-free blogger team, I couldn’t say no to the possibility of […]

Gluten-Free & Dairy-Free Favorite Products: February

Ah February: the month of groundhogs, love, and all too soon comes to a end after 28 days. After the whirlwind that was January for me, February has proven to be a test of time as the winter weather had me snowed in much of the month and the endless demand of academic work and other obligations has me racing from commitment to commitment.  While I was not able to get out and […]

Wholesome Chow Baking Mixes Review

When it comes to the art of gluten-free baking, let’s just say that my skills and expertise are a little lacking. I heavily rely on prepackaged mixes and local bakeries to help me out when I’m craving baked goods and have avoided playing around with different ingredients and prep methods off-recipe.  Although I’ve had them in my dorm pantry since August, my newfound confidence in the kitchen from winter break […]

Simple Mills Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free, Paleo Muffin Mix and Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix Review

In my journey into paleo-friendly baking, I’ve become comfortable with simple almond-flour based recipes with few ingredients. While these have been easy enough, my plunge into a super busy second semester had me dreaming of a paleo-friendly mix to streamline my frequent baking for breakfast and between-class snacks.  Enter Simple Mills, a company passionate about clean, healthy baking that also happens to be allergen-friendly and as tasty as they are […]

Gluten-Free Dorm Cooking: Thai Green Curry

Already slacking off my New Year’s resolution on the blogging front- sharing more recipes- I’m finally able to get back on board with it after a much-deserved three day weekend after my first week back in school. This semester, disillusioned with dining hall fare after a long winter break filled with home-cooked meals, I knew that I’d have to expand my dorm cooking repertoire beyond pizza and baking. Cold weather had […]

Immaculate Baking Company Cookie Mix Review

Since I’ve been on a baking kick this winter break, I have been sampling an array of recipes and mixes. A quick shopping trip to Target introduced me to the colorfully packaged baking mixes from Immaculate Baking Company. Finding the simple ingredient list and promise of no artificial preservatives or flavors irresistible, I grabbed a box each of their double chocolate and chocolate chip cookie mixes and put them aside for those times when […]

Easy Paleo Gluten-Free Chocolate Chip Muffins

Normally one to avoid sweets as I easily get debilitating sugar headaches when I eat too much, my recent surge of eating cookies, pies, and other treats this holiday season has rendered my sweet tooth a little out of control.  Now that the festivities and frivolities of the holidays have come and gone, I join the millions of other people who resolve to eat, live, and just be better in […]

MyBread Gluten Free Pita Review

Although I am gluten-free and cannot eat the majority of breads out there, people would be shocked to see that bread remains a staple of my diet. Ever on the search for breads beyond the simple sandwich variety seen so often on store shelves, I couldn’t wait to try MyBread, a gluten-free flatbread pita, when I spotted it on a recent Whole Foods run. Made by a 100% dedicated gluten-free […]