Mulberry & Vine Review

If it’s anything, New York is laden with tons of restaurants and cafes with health halos. Organic, paleo, farm-to-table, gluten-free, vegan. You name it, New York City has it. 

With so many options, I had difficulty narrowing down which restaurants I wanted to visit over the course of the roughly two days I’d actually be in the city.

Catching my eye and winning out over others was Mulberry & Vine, a health conscious eatery that had several intriguing meat and meat free options. With a location in Tribeca close to the 9/11 memorial, it was a perfect post-memorial stop to refresh and reflect.

The menu is all gluten-free, with dairy-free and vegan options noted. Because there are simply too many options to consider, I appreciate that the menu is in “Pick 3” fashion, where you can pick one protein and two veggie sides or just go meatless with three veggie sides. 

In addition to the food itself, they have lots of fun beverage options on hand, including homemade juices, infused waters, and teas. 

Gluten-free dessert options are plentiful here too, with lots of sweet treats on hands. The chocolate chip cookie and doughnuts are not dairy-free, but the zucchini loaf and Hu Kitchen chocolate bars are (fun fact: I first discovered those at Expo East). I picked up the Salty Hu Kitchen bar for a snack for later and it was truly excellent, with course salt embedded in the decadent dark chocolate.

I ended up going with the Pick 3 with protein. As veggie sides I ordered the roasted asparagus with spring onions and cauliflower ragout with Calabrian chili (over brown rice). As a protein, I chose the chicken tomatillo posole. The asparagus was simply prepared and so flavorful with lemon, dill, and the onion collaborating to enhance the asparagus. The ragout was hearty and rich, a nice contrast to the asparagus and paired perfectly over brown rice. Greens, tomatoes, and carrots were slow cooked to create a delicious stew-like flavor and texture. The crown jewel of my lunch tray however was the chicken, which was incredibly tender and juice. Fine shredded and infused with tomatillo flavor, I relished every bite of the chicken. Joined with hominy and other spices, the chicken was a true showstopper. 

As a beverage, I chose an infused water that had cucumber, cilantro, lemon, and pink Himalayan salt. I could definitely pick up the cucumber flavor but the others were more elusive. It was good, but I definitely would try something else on a next visit.

Overall, Mulberry & Vine was a perfect find. It’s so easy to eat healthily on vacation sometimes but at this restaurant it is effortless and delicious. While not cheap, the food is real, top-notch, and safe so I had no problem with the price tag. On a not-so-busy side street, it is a refreshing break from the bustle of lower Manhattan and I totally felt a whole lot healthier upon leaving. As I left New York City a few days later, I regretted not making a return visit, but definitely will make this a landmark on future NYC itineraries. 

The Basics

Address: 73 Warren Rd, New York, NY 10007 (see their other location here)

Cuisine: Pizza
Ideal For: Lunch, Dinner
Price: See prices on menu above

Special Features: Order online here.

Accessibility: Wheelchair accessible, restaurant seating is tight.

Disclaimer: This review is based upon the information I have at the time of the review and does not reflect changes in ingredients or availability of items. Please contact the restaurant directly for up-to-date information and feel free to contact me with any questions or comments. I was not compensated for this review and it is a reflection of my personal opinion.

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