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By The Way Bakery Review

My recent New York City trip was the third trip I have made to Manhattan since going gluten-free. Due to the limited nature of each trip, I was not able to seek out a gluten-free bakery until now, when I wandered into By The Way Bakery in the Upper West Side.  I knew By The Way Bakery was 100% gluten-free, but I was downright giddy when I found out they were 100% […]

The Little Beet Table Review

For my final dinner in New York City, I needed no time to deliberate- The Little Beet Table had my vote. This sit-down cousin of The Little Beet, a fast casual eatery I have enjoyed before in D.C., promises the same peace of mind with a more swanky menu. Like it’s cousin, The Little Beet Table is 100% gluten-free, and curates a seasonally-aware menu that puts real food front and center. Despite […]

DO, Cookie Dough Confections Review

The main perk of vegan cookie dough is that it can be safely consumed before baking- due to it’s egg-free nature. While it’s commonplace to sneak samples of raw dough when baking in your own home, DO, Cookie Dough Confections in New York City has decided to dedicate a whole shop to the enjoyment of raw cookie dough. With tons of sweet options and decadent ways of consuming cookie dough (sundaes, […]

Cafe Frida Review

On my second full day in New York City, my family decided to wander around Central Park and visit the American Museum of Natural History. As a light rain began to fall and we all started to hit a wall we decided that it was an ideal time to pick a lunch spot.  After doing a quick Find Me Gluten Free search, I found Cafe Frida, which was located a […]

Senza Gluten Review

As a gluten-free eater, I am used to constant vigilance. I play 20 questions at every restaurant I visit and often feel more skeptical than comfortable with the answers kitchen staff provide. I am used to navigating around typical gluten-free problem zones: shared pasta water, utensils, and free-flying flour.  Italian food is the arch-nemesis of any gluten-free eater because it’s basics- pasta, bread, and pizza- are all traditionally flour-based. As a dairy-free diner, I find it […]

Bareburger Review

Planning any trip is hard- especially when making a return visit because it’s tough to find a balance between returning to beloved finds or seeking out new eats.  On my second day in New York City, my family decided to give BareBurger a try because it promised both gluten-free safe food and had a menu we all could agree on. Located just a few blocks from the heart of the financial […]

Friedman's Lunch Review (Chelsea Market)

The last time I was in New York City my family stopped for lunch at Friedman’s Harold Square, which totally impressed all of us for their tasty fare and prime location near Penn Station. On my final day in the city, I visited another of their locations- this one at historic Chelsea Market near the meatpacking district. Having enjoyed several lunches and dinners during my visit, my mom and wanted […]

Inday Review

Remember what I said in my last review that New York City is chock full of healthy restaurants, cafes, and eateries? Well the city is also home to every ethnic cuisine known to man.  Inday, an eatery located in the Flatiron district, is a good blending of the two concepts, because it is an Indian restaurant specializing in food that is as good for you as it is delicious. With a focus on […]

Mulberry & Vine Review

If it’s anything, New York is laden with tons of restaurants and cafes with health halos. Organic, paleo, farm-to-table, gluten-free, vegan. You name it, New York City has it.  With so many options, I had difficulty narrowing down which restaurants I wanted to visit over the course of the roughly two days I’d actually be in the city. Catching my eye and winning out over others was Mulberry & Vine, a health […]

Don Antonio by Starita Review

I’ve been to New York City two other times before this visit, but had so far failed to eat pizza in this city known for it’s distinctive style. On this third visit, I decided to make it a mission to seek out gluten and dairy-free pizza, and all roads pointed to Don Antonio by Starita in the theater district, a block or two from Times Square. Don Antonio is a joint venture […]