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Cava Mezze Grill Review

Before heading back to campus to start the spring semester, my mom and I took advantage of my final weekend of winter break to stay in Tysons Corner, VA and explore around Washington D.C.  Tysons Corner is retail-dense suburb that’s roughly half an hour away from D.C., and is home to several gluten-free friendly restaurants- both chain and independent. With so many options, it’s a great place to stay when visiting […]

Zorba's Cafe Review

After a day of Washington D.C. sightseeing while battling chilly, rainy weather, I was not too keen to trek across town for dinner after settling in to my hotel near Dupont Circle. After doing some quick research, I decided to check out Zorba’s Cafe, a neighborhood establishment that I have walked by many times before when visiting D.C. Greek food is comfort food for me, and the close proximity to […]