Gluten-Free Dorm Cooking: Thai Green Curry

Already slacking off my New Year’s resolution on the blogging front- sharing more recipes- I’m finally able to get back on board with it after a much-deserved three day weekend after my first week back in school.

This semester, disillusioned with dining hall fare after a long winter break filled with home-cooked meals, I knew that I’d have to expand my dorm cooking repertoire beyond pizza and baking. Cold weather had me craving green curry, but not wanting to venture out and spend the money for restaurant-made fare, I decided to take it upon myself to experiment in the kitchen.

In a mere 20 minutes, the product of my limited cooking ability far surpassed my expectations and rendered a wonderfully satisfying meal that made the whole endeavor more than worth it.

The ingredients I scraped together for my experiment were pretty easily attainable and definitely budget-friendly for this money-minding college student. I already had on hand a can of Aroy-D green curry paste from World Market that I brought to stock up my dorm with since I do not have a location near me. From a local Trader Joe’s, I picked up a packet of fresh rice noodles (gluten-free and vegan) and their Asian stir fry vegetable tub which featured baby corn, red peppers, green peppers, mushrooms, snow peas, carrots, and broccoli.

To get the curry started, I poured the contents of the can into a pot and set it on the stove to bring it to a boil per the instructions included.

While it was heating up, I opened up one of the two packets of rice noodles. The instructions for these note to boil them, but I put them in a bowl with hot water, which allowed them to soften up without me having to deal with scalding water. They were softened after 10 minutes.

While the noodles were softening, the curry began to simmer so I transferred half of the vegetable container’s contents into the coconut milk infused broth. By this point, the kitchen was filled with a wonderful spicy aroma, leaving my mouth watering and greatly anticipating the Thai feast.

When the noodles were softened, I added those to the mixture and continued to boil the dish until it was piping hot and ready. I poured the soup

When I could finally taste my lunchtime creation, I was immediately rewarded for my efforts with one of the best green curries I’ve ever had. Rich, creamy, and sweet, the green curry was practically perfect and indulgent. The fresh vegetables, still slightly crisp, were flavorful and perfectly complemented each other. The rice noodles, unlike the flat ones I’ve had before, were round and dense, but separated in easily manageable lengths perfect for consumption via chopsticks (which I keep on hand for fun occasions). Without a doubt, I was completely satisfied by the creation and would definitely recommend it for collegiate cooks and home cooks alike.

The beauty about this recipe is that it is easily adaptable to any ingredients you have on hand and can easily be switched from vegetarian to meat-lovers with added seafood, chicken, or other meats.

You can find the Aroy-D green curry coconut milk additionally at Amazon.

Disclaimer: This recipe is current to the original publication date. Updates will be noted. Ingredients and manufacturing processes can change without notice. Each product should be reviewed for individual nutritional needs. Feel free to to contact me with any questions or comments.

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