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Paleo Pumpkin Pie Recipe

This time of year is my very favorite in terms of seasonal flavors. Pumpkin, apples, spices, and other fall-inspired flavors surround us and make the onset of winter weather a little less intimidating.  Although I totally do not mind splurging on pumpkin pies from local bakeries, I definitely do not have the budget to buy them at the rate I wish I could. Realizing that my only alternative was to learn how to […]

Garden Tonic Natural Tea Recipe

Since returning home to Orlando for the summer, one definite change I have noticed since moving away last year is that I am a whole lot more intolerant to the heat and humidity than I was before. In addition to my food intolerances, I also have several autoimmune conditions, which have flared up a lot more this summer thanks to Orlando’s unique brand of inferno-like heat. Luckily, one way I can combat […]

Spring Pesto Pasta Recipe (Gluten and Dairy Free)

Spring is in finally coming to Maryland, but not fast enough in my book! Despite the beautiful blooms on the trees and green everywhere, icy sleet this morning and chilly, whipping winds, brought my too-short springtime revelry to a halt.  Wanting comfort food to help me push through the next 20 or so days of my freshman year, I decided to indulge myself on my weekly grocery shopping trip and […]

Gluten-Free Dorm Cooking: Thai Green Curry

Already slacking off my New Year’s resolution on the blogging front- sharing more recipes- I’m finally able to get back on board with it after a much-deserved three day weekend after my first week back in school. This semester, disillusioned with dining hall fare after a long winter break filled with home-cooked meals, I knew that I’d have to expand my dorm cooking repertoire beyond pizza and baking. Cold weather had […]

Easy Paleo Gluten-Free Chocolate Chip Muffins

Normally one to avoid sweets as I easily get debilitating sugar headaches when I eat too much, my recent surge of eating cookies, pies, and other treats this holiday season has rendered my sweet tooth a little out of control.  Now that the festivities and frivolities of the holidays have come and gone, I join the millions of other people who resolve to eat, live, and just be better in […]

Banana Soft-Serve Non-Dairy Ice Cream

Summer has definitely set up shop here in Central Florida! This means that the weather is constantly oscillating between a relentless, blazing hot sun and rainstorms. While it’s a bummer to fight the inevitable afternoon rainstorms sometimes, the return of the 90+ degrees days has me looking for fun ways to cool off when it’s just unbearable outside. Smoothies are a favorite of my mine because there’s a myriad of colorful combinations, […]

Black Bean and Salsa Soup Recipe

Black bean soup is one of my favorite staples of the gluten/dairy free diet. It’s easy, nutritious, and not a prime target for cross-contamination or “hidden” ingredients. Local Orlando restaurants Black Bean Deli and Columbia Restaurant set a perfect example of a perfect black bean soup, but replicating the taste and texture of the soup at home has been a trial and error process. However, I came across a recipe that hit it out of the […]

Banana Breakfast Cookies Recipe

When it comes to gluten and dairy free baking, things can get complected pretty quickly. Because gluten provides the “binding” property of wheat and gives wheat products the “chewy” texture associated with them, taking the a glutenous flour out of a recipe completely changes the chemistry of the ingredients and results in baked goods that barely resemble their off-limits peers. To compensate for this, most gluten-free recipes call for a blend of […]