Paleo Pumpkin Pie Recipe

This time of year is my very favorite in terms of seasonal flavors. Pumpkin, apples, spices, and other fall-inspired flavors surround us and make the onset of winter weather a little less intimidating. 

Although I totally do not mind splurging on pumpkin pies from local bakeries, I definitely do not have the budget to buy them at the rate I wish I could.

Realizing that my only alternative was to learn how to make a pie for myself, off I headed to Amazon in search of a pie pan to add to my ever-increasing stock of cooking supplies. When I bake from a recipe, I like to lean towards paleo or grain-free ones, as it allows me to make recipes that have a lower sugar profile and higher protein profile. After some searching, I found a recipe that caught my eye, and decided to put it to the test.

The recipe in question hails from Elana’s Pantry, a paleo-focused blog from New York Times bestselling author Elana Amsterdam. Because I do not want to plagiarize her hard work in developing the recipe, I will send you over to the pumpkin pie recipe and pie crust recipe so you can get the info directly from her site.

I started off by making the pie crust, which uses only four ingredients: almond meal, salt, an egg, and coconut oil (I subbed Earth Balance soy-free butter). It came together beautifully and was super easy to press into my coconut oil greased pie pan. 

Next came the filling, which uses pumpkin puree, spices, eggs, almond milk (subbed for coconut milk), and honey. I used more cinnamon than was called for and decided to sub pumpkin pie spice for nutmeg, which I already had on hand. The mixture definitely tended towards the liquidy side, and I ended up not using all of it to fill my crust.

Into the oven the pie went (with a little splashing of the mixture). Forty-five minutes later, I pulled it out and it was solidified, if a little unsightly with some areas a little singed. I’m not one to let cosmetic imperfections ruin my assessment, so let the pie cool on its own before putting it in the fridge for a final firming up so I could let the taste test commence. 

Once ready in the fridge, I eagerly took the pie out to sample. I was floored by how delicious the pie was; the pumpkin and spices playing perfectly together to create a flavor harmony. The crust, while a little nutty (flavor-wise), provided good support structurally and flavor-wise. Next time I make the recipe though, I will make sure to spread the crust more thinly on the bottom to achieve a higher rise on the sides, as the pumpkin  filling overtook the crust in several areas. 

Overall I was quite pleased with my creation, and will definitely be making this recipe again, hopefully for friends and family throughout the holiday season. 

What are your favorite fall seasonal bakes? Do share below!

Disclaimer: The recipe is intellectual property of Elana Amsterdam. Substitutions were made to accommodate my dietary needs. I was not compensated to share this recipe and my opinions and resulting product are mine and mine alone. All recipes should reviewed to assess personal dietary needs. Feel free to to contact me with any questions or comments. I was not compensated for this review and it is a reflection of my personal opinion.

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