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Stone's Throw Hash Review

My absolute favorite place to eat in Baltimore is R House, the Remington food hall that has loads of gluten-free options and is a short walk away from my favorite museum in the city: the Baltimore Museum of Art. While R House is home to several stands that have been there for years, what’s cool is that every time you visit odds are there’s something new to try at the dedicated pop […]

Hu Kitchen Review

When it comes to travel, I am not a huge sightseer. I don’t pack my days with tours and places to be but instead focus on a few places of interest and see where the journey takes me. After arriving by train to New York City in the early afternoon, I decidedly made a bee line towards Hu Kitchen, which on this trip was definitely a destination that was topping my list […]

Primal Food & Spirits Review

I ordered the daily special, Primal’s chicken salad. This is not so much your deli counter variety, but a lovely reimagining, which serves the salad in a deconstructed way. The chicken has a lovely grilled flavor, and is tender and cut into manageable slices. Grapes and Granny Smith apples provide sweetness, with the latter adding a delightful tartness. The almonds added a nuttiness and nice texture to every forkful and […]

Snap Kitchen Review (Part 2)

Discovering Snap Kitchen in Philadelphia was definitely the highlight of my trip to the historic city. Snap Kitchen is an Austin, TX export whose first foray into the east cost is Philly, with (hopefully) more locations coming soon to the mid-Atlantic (namely D.C. and/or Baltimore). The concept is simple and truly genius, because Snap Kitchen is a perfect merging of a supermarket and and a restaurant, promising top quality fare […]

Snap Kitchen Review (Part 1)

As a busier than ever college student tackling classwork, internship, and working this summer, my free time has been dramatically reduced, leaving little time to eat out or cook from scratch. Most days, I rely on microwave-friendly fare, which rightly has not earned a reputation for health or taste value.  However, while in Philadelphia, I stumbled across Snap Kitchen, an Austin, TX export that recently set up their first East Coast locale […]

Gr8box Review

Subscription boxes are a hot new trend in the gluten-free world, with a variety of box services popping up on my radar in recent years. However, I have never signed up for one, because typically they focus on one allergy, which means that dairy would limit the amount of products I could enjoy. Vegan subscription boxes exist too, but there gluten can be an issue.  Luckily Gr8box, a new food allergy […]

Simple Mills Almond Flour Crackers Review

I already count myself as a super fan of Simple Mills. Their line of paleo-friendly, gluten-free, grain-free baking mixes make clean eating effortlessly delicious. Recently, they expanded their product line to include almond flour crackers, which totally had me biting at the bit to give them a try.  What’s really cool about these new crackers is that they were crafted with care to be both delicious and good-for-you, as the company’s […]

Top 10 Gluten-Free and Dairy-Free Products of 2015

My year-end round up comes down to one last top 10 list: my favorite products of the year. Although it was difficult to narrow down my favorite restaurants of the year, this list definitely ups the ante because I have tried so many fabulous and truly ground-breaking products this year. Some I found through gluten-free expos and trade shows and others by keeping my eyes peeled on every grocery run I […]

Paleo Pumpkin Pie Recipe

This time of year is my very favorite in terms of seasonal flavors. Pumpkin, apples, spices, and other fall-inspired flavors surround us and make the onset of winter weather a little less intimidating.  Although I totally do not mind splurging on pumpkin pies from local bakeries, I definitely do not have the budget to buy them at the rate I wish I could. Realizing that my only alternative was to learn how to […]

Expo East 2015: Breads, Cereals, Pizzas, and Pastas

This review is part of my coverage of the Natural Products Expo East 2015. For a overview and to enter my swag bag giveaway, click here. If sweets are a sure bet at any gluten-free products expo, placing as runner up for the next most-represented category is the carbs: breads, cereals, pastas, and pizza.  Years ago when I first went gluten-free, the breads, pizzas, and pastas I ate are practically pieces […]