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Bongos Cuban Cafe Review (Downtown Disney)

Working two internships this summer, I haven’t has a much time as I’d like to explore in and around Orlando. Throw in record-breaking temps, higher than high humidity, and the usual unpredictability of Floridian weather, and it’s clear why my adventures have been few and far between. Waiting for a free weekend to get out and simply enjoy a day on the town, I knew that I wanted to explore […]

Columbia Restaurant Gluten Free Lunch Menu

After writing my review of my lunch at Columbia, I wanted to include shots of the gluten-free menu for future reference. While I know my posts can get pretty lengthy, I didn’t want a mile-long post laden with pictures. Just as Sanaa’s expansive and impressive menu deserved a post all to it’s own, Columbia’s gluten free offerings deserve a spotlight all to themselves. To see my full review, click here.

Columbia Restaurant Review

When it comes to my favorite restaurants, I must admit right off the bat that Columbia ranks very highly in my book. I’ve been a loyal patron since I was a little girl as my parents started me early on the foodie path at their original Ybor location when we lived in nearby Sarasota. Even as we moved to Ohio then back to the sunshine state, I quickly fell in […]

Side Trip: Havana Road Cuban Cafe Review (CLOSED)

Update 9/4/14: Havana Road will be closing on September 21, 2014. They will continue their production of prepared foods which can be found at Whole Foods Markets in the Mid-Atlantic Region. Summer is naturally the summer side trip season as time off from school allows for intermittent getaways near and far that allow for a change in scenery and opportunity to try new things. This particular side trip up to […]

Black Bean Deli Review

What I love about Orlando is that the city is constantly changing and growing. Especially in the food scene, which has taken great strides in the ten years I’ve lived here, the change is welcome as new restaurants pop up and old favorites expand and grow. Winter Park’s Black Bean Deli is one such restaurant that has benefited from the emerging “foodie” culture as it has expanded from it’s original location to […]