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Specialty Pizza Review

There are times when I am game for constructing a pizza masterpiece from scratch, and there are times when I am not. After a long workweek left me exhausted and uninspired, I could think of no better way to spend Tonys Sunday than settling in for the Broadway’s best night with a delivery pizza on hand to maximize the fun and minimize the mess. Living north of Orlando, most of […]

Wako Taco Review

This review covers Wako Taco the restaurant, not the food truck. For more information on the food truck click here. As Orlando’s foodie scene has grown, one of the most fun additions has been the explosion in the food truck population. In my limited exploration into gluten-free options in and around town, Wako Taco’s rolling taco operation impressed me with their delicious fare, friendly staff, and gluten-free awareness and accommodation.  […]

Christopher's Italian Restaurant and Pizzaria

If I have one weakness as a restaurant reviewer, it’s that I cannot pass up gluten-free pizza if it’s on the menu. In frequenting countless restaurants that serve gluten-free pizza as well as pasta, I have yet to go for the noodle option. Oddly enough, pizza was not my favorite food at all before going gluten-free so I’m not quite sure where my devotion comes from. All I know is […]