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Top 10 Gluten-Free Friendly Orlando Restaurants of 2014

After finishing my list of my top 10 picks of gluten-free friendly restaurants, cafes, and bakeries in Baltimore, I knew the next task at hand would be to construct a parallel list for Orlando. A much taller order due to the sheer variety and number of establishments I’ve reviewed in my nine months of blogging, I now present this list of my personal picks for 2014 with pride.  The restaurants, […]

Side Trip: Anyetsang's Little Tibet Review and Anatolia Review (Bloomington, IN)

I firmly believe that colleges and good restaurants are like lightning and thunder; where one goes, the other is sure to follow. That is definitely true of Bloomington, IN, home of Indiana University and a plethora of restaurants and cafes serving up quality fare for hungry college students and locals alike. While the town is populated with restaurants of all stripes- family run establishments to national chains- I knew I […]

Bosphorous Turkish Cuisine Review

Far from the hustle and bustle of the more “tourist-y” areas of Orlando, Winter Park is a not-so-hidden gem that is not to be missed. Restaurants, artisans, and shops populate this community with the epicenter being Park Avenue. Along the pedestrian-friendly main street and adjacent side streets, new experiences are waiting at every turn- from doggie boutiques to restaurants serving every type and style of cuisine. There’s always something new […]