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Top 5 Chain Restaurants and Top 5 Out-Of-State Restaurants of 2015

Since I am based in Orlando and Baltimore, my reviews disproportionately cover the two metropolitan areas. However, I cannot ignore the excellent restaurants I featured on the blog that don’t quite qualify as local to either city. In this restaurant round-up I want to give a shout out to both the big chain restaurants and independent out-of-town restaurants that made the year memorable.  This best-of list would be a good […]

Corner Taco Review

Whenever I travel, I do not leave home without gluten-free snacks to tide me over on the road or the Find Me Gluten-Free app, which allows me to make on-the-go decisions about where to stop for food along the way. Knowing I’d be heading up to Jacksonville this past week for a meeting, I used the latter to seek out gluten-free eats to check out while in the city.  As […]

Sweet Theory Baking Company Follow-Up Review

Note: I have visited Sweet Theory before (read review here). If you’re passing in or out of Central Florida by way of Jacksonville, Sweet Theory Baking Co. is without a doubt a must-do destination. This all around allergy friendly bakery serves up some of the most decadent, mouth-watering treats I’ve found in my quest to find the most incredible gluten-free bakeries in this country.  As I made my way from Maryland to […]

Sweet Theory Baking Company

To see my follow-up review of Sweet Theory Baking Company, click here. Whenever I travel anywhere, I always look out for dedicated gluten-free restaurants, cafes, and/or bakeries to check out. My recent trip through Jacksonville was no exception and my research quickly put me on the trail of Sweet Theory Baking Co. in the hipster-friendly 5 points district north of town which is home to theaters, shops, and eateries (including […]

Tommy's Brick Oven Pizza Review

In my nine short months as a gluten/dairy free blogger, I have enjoyed the adventure of showcasing my favorite restaurants and discovering new ones in my own backyard in both Maryland and Florida.  Tommy’s Brick Oven Pizza in Jacksonville is one such restaurant I have been wanting to showcase for awhile now. I came across this unsuspecting gem of a restaurant while in the Jacksonville area for medical treatment this […]

Hawkers Street Fare Review

To kick of the blog on a high note, I figured I’d write my first restaurant review for a local eatery that definitely knows how to deliver gluten and dairy free food that doesn’t hold back on flavor or variety.  Located in the Mills 50 district of downtown Orlando, Hawkers is a funky fusion eatery offering a wide variety of pan-Asian fare. In advance of my visit, I reached out […]