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Viva Chicken Review and Allergen Menu

As a gluten and dairy-free diner, I meticulously research restaurant options whenever I know I will be dining out. Most of the restaurants I visit are selected from this process, but in the case of Viva Chicken in Charlotte, NC, my decision to dine there was based purely on a whim. I was visiting North Carolina for the holidays, and my mom and I were out running errands after Christmas. We had already […]

Primal Food & Spirits Review

I ordered the daily special, Primal’s chicken salad. This is not so much your deli counter variety, but a lovely reimagining, which serves the salad in a deconstructed way. The chicken has a lovely grilled flavor, and is tender and cut into manageable slices. Grapes and Granny Smith apples provide sweetness, with the latter adding a delightful tartness. The almonds added a nuttiness and nice texture to every forkful and […]

The Pedalin' Pig Review

Since I have family in Western North Carolina, I like to make plans to visit multiple times a year. As a city dweller, I enjoy the abundance of beautiful scenery to be had in the mountains and foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains, and eating southern food that is hard to find in the mid-Atlantic.  When planning a day trip to Grandfather Mountain with my aunt and uncle, a quick Find […]

Simple Kneads Gluten-Free Bread Review

As a gluten and dairy-free blogger, one of the perks of my job is having the opportunity to sample new-to-me products and discover new companies. Recently, Simple Kneads extended an offer for me to try their gluten-free breads, and given the opportunity to taste test sourdough-type breads I couldn’t say no.  Simple Kneads was founded in one father’s pursuit of delicious gluten-free bread for his son. Finding only subpar options at […]

Relay Foods Review (Discount Code)

As much as I love turning grocery runs into scavenger hunts, I deeply dislike that I there’s no store where I can get everything I need all in one place. Multiple grocery runs a week is super time consuming, so I decided to give Relay Foods a try.  Relay Foods is a regional online grocer that enables customers to virtually shop for food then have it delivered to their doorstep or […]

Coyote Kitchen Review

After several amazing foodie finds in Charlotte and Asheville, I couldn’t wait to see what delicious eats awaited me in Boone, the down-to-Earth college town nestled in the Blue Ridge Mountains where I spent the summer several years ago. When I knew I would be heading back to the town for a day trip, I was excited to get back on the campus of Appalachian State University and explore around the […]

Maddy's Fattys Bakery and Cafe Review

When I knew I would be spending my birthday and part of my spring break in North Carolina, the search began for a gluten-free and allergen-friendly bakery. Realizing that I could not remember the last time I had a birthday cake, my aunt and I went to work to vet Charlotte area bakeries to see which we felt most comfortable with. After all, getting a gluten and dairy-free cake is […]

King Daddy's Chicken and Waffles Review

Although my childhood was spent in the Midwest, I really grew up when my family moved to Florida late in my elementary school career. Despite moving to the part of the country where sweet tea is as readily available as water and it’s normal to pair fried chicken with waffles, I must admit I was never, and am still not really, a fan of Southern cuisine. Cornbread I am a-okay with […]

Luna's Living Kitchen Review

After passing through Charlotte, North Carolina several times in the past year (see reviews here), I have grown to love discovering new places to eat in this Southern city. When I began to make plans for my week-long spring break, I knew I would be passing through the city once again on my way to my aunt and uncle’s house in Hickory, North Carolina. Because I would be flying in late in […]

Top 5 Chain Restaurants and Top 5 Out-Of-State Restaurants of 2015

Since I am based in Orlando and Baltimore, my reviews disproportionately cover the two metropolitan areas. However, I cannot ignore the excellent restaurants I featured on the blog that don’t quite qualify as local to either city. In this restaurant round-up I want to give a shout out to both the big chain restaurants and independent out-of-town restaurants that made the year memorable.  This best-of list would be a good […]