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April Baking Month: The Bald Strawberry Ginger Cookie Mix

This installment in my baking month line up is a uniquely Floridian one, as the company behind this baking mix is the Bald Strawberry, a Melbourne cafe and bakery that I have frequented and fallen in love with. On my latest visit, I picked up a bag of ginger cookie mix to bring back with me to Maryland, a little bit of home. I waited until April to give the mix a […]

Top 10 Orlando and Central Florida Gluten-Free Restaurants of 2015

Assembling this list of my favorite gluten-free and dairy-free restaurant finds of the year was a far more difficult task that I thought it would be. After all, I have had so many amazing and diverse restaurant experiences over the year. The list as you read it now represents Orlando’s complex foodie culture that encompasses theme parks, the farm-to-table movement, food trucks, and excellent ethnic cuisine. While other cities can […]

Flour & Spice Boutique Review

After finding and falling in love with a 100% dedicated gluten-free restaurant and bakery in the Melbourne (The Bald Strawberry), my dedicated gluten-free adventure was far from over when I realized that the bakery portion of the experience was a two-for-one deal. Sharing the same retail space as the Bald Strawberry’s Bakery, Flour and Spice Boutique is another dedicated gluten-free business that serves up plenty of sweets to satisfy any sweet tooth.  The woman behind […]

The Bald Strawberry Bakery Review

After polishing off one incredible waffle pizza at The Bald Strawberry Cafe in Melbourne, I was pointed a few paces down the strip mall where the cafe was located to their bakery.  That’s right: not only is the Bald Strawberry a 100% dedicated gluten-free cafe, they also have an adjacent bakery to satisfy all of your sweet tooth’s wildest dreams.  Once my initial amazement and delight washed over me, I […]

The Bald Strawberry Cafe Review

When it comes to “eating out without” gluten and dairy, I’ve sampled restaurants that run the gamut from 100% gluten-free to gluten-filled establishments that serve gluten-free fare on the side. Given the choice, I’d choose a dedicated gluten-free establishment any day! With only 48 hours left in my winter break, I wanted to make the most of my time left, and decided to venture beyond my Central Florida comfort zone […]