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Gluten-Free Tesco Sandwich Review

During my holiday abroad to London back in February, I soaked in every sight and sound of the city, as it was my first trip abroad. While the historic buildings, incredible museums, and London’s general buzz were memorable, a large part of how I explored and experienced the city was through the variety of foods and dining experiences I had, spanning humble fast-casual fare to a lavish, unforgettable high tea.  Of […]

Jersey Mike's Subs Review

Subs. Hoagies. Heros. Submarine sandwich.  Whatever you call them, they’re really hard to find gluten-free options at sub shops, much less find one that knows how to prepare them safely (shared knives and counters are a cross contamination danger zone!).  In my six years of going gluten-free, I have never found a place where I could walk in and order a sub and reclaim the normal experience I so enjoyed […]

One Dish Cuisine Review (Part 1)

Read my part 2 of this review at this link. Recently, it feels like everywhere I turn I am discovering new products and restaurants that are turning my head and expanding my culinary horizons. My mom’s recent weekend visit allowed me to check out many restaurants I have been wanting to visit for a while now. While most of our itinerary was well-planned and strictly structured, my visit to One Dish Cuisine in […]

Magnolia Square Market Review

While in town for lunch at Hollerbach’s Willow Tree Cafe, Jennifer and I knew we had to stop by their sister shop Hollerbach’s Magnolia Square Market when our waitress mentioned their supply of gluten-free goods. Located literally right around the corner, Magnolia Square Market stocks imported German products, specialty items, deli specialties and a range of freshly baked goods. Upon first entering, the small market can be hard to navigate […]

That Deli Review

Yes, you read my title correctly- the restaurant I’m about to review is really called “That Deli.” As confusing as it may sound for a name, it’s one that’s hard to forget, which is probably a good thing.  That Deli tops the list of Central Florida’s best kept secrets in my opinion. A little off the beaten track, it’s totally worth the drive for the real, fresh food you just […]

Larry's Giant Subs Review

I’ve been familiar with Larry’s Giant Subs long before gluten intolerance entered my life. Half of my extended family lives up in North Carolina, and no childhood road trip to the “tar heel state” was ever complete without a stop at the Larry’s Giant Subs in Brunswick, GA. As goofy as it sounds, our whole family eagerly awaited and relished every bite. Little did I know that the restaurant would […]

Jason's Deli Review

Among the many types of cuisine that are off limits to gluten and dairy free diners, it’s almost unheard of to walk into a deli for simple comfort food like a deli sandwich, fresh-made soup or a salad. After all, cross-contamination runs rampant when salad bars and sandwich-prep stations are the main feature of a typical deli. As easy enough as it is to prepare a sandwich, soup or salad at home, it’s […]