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Modern Bread & Bagel Review

The cruel thing about being gluten-free is not only that forever alters your sense of “normal” for baked goods and other wheat-based products, but it turns every dining experience into a research project, with serious sleuthing skills required before crossing a restaurant or cafe’s threshold. Gone are the days where stopping by for a sandwich or sitting down for a dinner can be done on a whim.  However at one […]

Goose Feathers Cafe Review

Image Source In the final stretch of my winter break from college, I traded the warm weather of Florida for the more seasonably appropriate weather of North Carolina so I could visit my aunt and uncle.  In driving the distance between the two localities, Savannah, Georgia proved to be the best place to find many gluten-free options for lunch. After comparing several options, I decided upon Goose Feathers Cafe because they offered something […]

Canyon Bakehouse Gluten-Free Plain Bagels and Everything Bagels Review

Despite the abundance of gluten-free breads out there lining grocery store freezers, most are barely palatable imitations of the breads we all knew and loved before gluten decided to break up with our bodies. Some are holey, some are tiny, and some are just too darn expensive to try. I’m thankful I’ve found several brands I can get behind both for their amazing products and their guiding philosophies. Canyon Bakehouse is […]

2014's Best Gluten-Free Products

Best Bread: Mariposa Bakery Challah Bread (Review) Gluten-free bread is so often equated to cardboard, sponges, or flavorless bricks. Those dismal descriptions were kicked to the corner and forever forgotten with my first slice of Mariposa Bakery’s fluffy and perfectly-textured egg and honey based braided bread. I loved this slightly sweet bread that was clearly baked with love and proved that gluten-free bread can and should be simply delicious. Honorable mention: MyBread gluten-free […]

Towson Hot Bagels Review

When it comes to travelling, I love stumbling upon places that are less touristy and more geared towards locals. While doing my research about the food scene in North Baltimore/Towson, I repeatedly saw references to Towson Hot Bagels as a not-to-be-missed breakfast, brunch, and lunchtime option. While bagel places usually set off a red alert due to the emphasis on gluten-filled bagels and cross contamination, Towson Hot Bagels, or THB […]

Sweet Note Bakery Bagels Review

Like most who are gluten-free, we look upon the glutenous foods we once ate as poison to our bodies now. We know better than to sneak the smallest crumb, but there come occasions when the fantasy of “how it used to be” creep back in. For me, one weakness I have always had in the bread department is bagels. While trying many different flavors and brands of gluten-free bagels, I […]

Side Trip: Sweet Freedom Bakery, Schmear It, and Reading Terminal Market (Philadelphia)

Although I was in Philadelphia all of about 48 hours, I made a point of maximizing my time in the “city of brotherly love.” Which, as became quite evident though my adventures, really should be called the “city of gluten free love.”  The sheer abundance and availability of gluten free options was overwhelming at first. Although there are a plethora of gluten free friendly restaurants in Orlando, its a little […]

DeLand Bakery's Bagel Review

DeLand Bakery, located 45 minutes north of the Orlando area, offers a full range of gluten free breads, buns, rolls, cookies, and more. However, this hasn’t always been the case. I first became aware of the bakery through That Deli, a Lake Mary deli that offers gluten free sub rolls from the company. While talking with the staff, they excitedly informed me about the bakery and their plans to build a gluten […]

Babycakes NYC Downtown Disney Review

Before becoming hyper-aware of everything I eat thanks to the constant vigilance of maintaining a gluten and dairy free diet, I couldn’t tell you the difference between veganism, vegetarianism, and all of the varying strands of each dietary faction.  Classic veganism consists of avoiding all foods and ingredients derived from animal products. Some items such as meats, cheeses, eggs, and dairy are clearly not in accordance to vegan guidelines, but […]